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10 Most Beautiful Beaches inside the Philippines

The Philippines is one of the fine visitor destinations in South East Asia regarding tropical seashores. Many humans from distinct countries go to the United States because it’s miles such a wonderful vicinity to spend your vacation in, particularly during summer. If you need to bask beneath the tropical solar and feature a pleasant golden tan, the Philippines is the right destination.

10 Most Beautiful Beaches inside the Philippines 1

To help you propose your ride and pick out the proper excursion spot, here are our top 10 most lovely seashores in the Philippines.


Boracay, the beach capital of the Philippines, is an island belonging to the province of Aklan and is very close to the northwest tip of Panay. It has already won several awards and distinctions worldwide because of its white sand seashores and crystal clear and funky waters. It is steadily gaining popularity thanks to major exposure from distinctive media – the Internet’s social networks and tour blogs, advertisements of the neighborhood government, and a huge assist from the use of a show enterprise.

Undeniably, it is the most visited and busiest seashore in the USA. Aside from its herbal beauty and outstanding view, many establishments are bustling with sightseers. Hotels, bars, shopping districts, and recreational regions dot the region, permitting vacationists a wider variety of amusing sports.


El Nido is about 420 kilometers southwest of Manila and 238 kilometers northeast of Puerto Princesa, Palawan’s capital. Besides splendid seashores, El Nido also gives marvelous seascapes, towering marble cliffs, and numerous natural worlds to traffic. To name a few, many sports may be done in this vicinity – cliff climbing, mountain cycling, and motorcycling. It is likewise a pinnacle vacation spot for island hopping and scuba diving. The island has over thirty dive sites that cater to novices and professionals alike. El Nido is wealthy in marine lifestyles, peppered with fishes and corals so that you can enjoy the fascinating and colorful international underneath the ocean.


Pagudpud is placed on the northernmost tip of Luzon, lying forty-five miles north of Laoag City, the provincial capital of Ilocos Norte. This location is pristine and unspoiled – no busy establishments, flashy shows, or natural nature. It is the perfect location if you love tranquil seas and clear blue skies. Many secluded beaches right here can be best for long romantic walks or communing with the natural world. Traveling to the location will refresh you due to its vivid, inexperienced surroundings and crisp mountain air.

4. Panglao Island

Panglao is well-known as the “little paradise of pure hearts.” It is determined in the stunning island of Bohol, which has solar-kissed hills and verdant tropical landscapes. Panglao is identified for its serene seashores and a selection of diving websites. Since this little island seldom buzzes with vacationers, it is considered because of the high-quality vicinity to have a quiet time and nonviolent rest. It has clean turquoise water, nicely off marine biodiversity, and subtle sand boasting its rich whiteness.


10 Most Beautiful Beaches inside the Philippines 2

Siargao, famous because it is the Surfing Capital of Asia, is observed inside the cute province of Surigao del Norte, 800 kilometers southeast of Manila. This teardrop-shaped island is famed for its curling waves pushing upward from nine to 12 ft tall. These waves of the Pacific have made Siargao a properly-liked location for adventurous surfers. Surfers from all over the globe collect here in a yearly browsing opposition. Besides that, traffic can also take pride in the sand strip in General Luna and explore the island’s tunnel and caves.


Malapascua Island is located eight kilometers off the northeast tip of Cebu, surrounded by the green and blue Visayan Sea. It lies within the heart of the Philippine archipelago, a unique feature that draws many tourists. On this island, you may indulge in the splendor of white-sand coasts and fascinating marine sanctuary under the ocean, which include the uncommon look of the pleasant thresher shark. Better revel in this precise island enjoys via using a ship and going to other faraway islands. This is the most suitable getaway if you love photography because there are masses of panoramic perspectives in this area on the way to take your breath away absolutely.

7. Pandan Island

Pandan Island is positioned in Puerto Princesa, Palawan. This island offers vacationers a completely rejuvenating break from the busy town. Its slack way of life, combined with the white sand beaches, prime diving spots, and astounding buffets, are actual treats for any vacationer. Days are best spent with leisurely swimming, diving, kayaking, and snorkeling, even as nights are best for stargazing. Notably, the costs are not too high, so even a traveler with a tight budget can experience and enjoy a nice excursion here.


Coron Island is said to be the most lovely island of the Calamian organization in Palawan. It boasts of white sand seashores already standard of the coastlines of Palawan. It offers travelers the most fantastic inland and coastal swimming and diving reports. Its major attractions are Lake Kayangan and Lake Barracuda, which might be crystal-clear lakes full of diverse aquatic life. Idyllic nature parks can be discovered across the place as well.


Camiguin is a volcanic island situated north of the main island of Mindanao. Because of its weather and geography, it’s miles a close evaluation to Hawaii. This little paradise gives a ramification of mountain and sea sports that may assist urbanites in wrecking loose from their disturbing surroundings. Waterfalls and hot springs are scattered throughout the land so that you can experience this island’s beauty. Also, if you are a history lover, Camiguin will let you know its valuable past through numerous landmarks, among the most famous being the Sunken Cemetery.

10. ROMBLON Island

10 Most Beautiful Beaches inside the Philippines 3

If you’re a thrill in search of a man or woman who loves pirate stories, then Romblon is an ought-to-see destination for you. It still has some stays of seventeenth-century fortifications used to save you, pirates, from entering the island. North of Boracay Island, Romblon boasts its own tranquil seashores and a comfortable and simplified ecosystem. It also has a sizeable history, which can be discovered from its churches and lighthouses.

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