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11 of the Best K-Pop Beauty Trends of 2017

Trends of 2017

Candy Apple Red Hair
Narrowing down the six quality vibrant red hair moments of 2017 became approximately as difficult as picking out my favorite tune of the 12 months. A member from nearly every group tried out the vibrant hue. My principle is hair stylists need to have visibility inspired by the aid of how desirable Chanyeol’s scarlet hair is regarded in EXO’s “Monster” tune video in 2016. (Please don’t try to persuade me otherwise.)
As for some stand-outs, we have Red Velvet’s Joy inside the top lefthand nook, who fully shapes the “Red Flavor” delusion with her cherry red hair. Next to her is NCT’s Hae-chan, who juggled promotions for 127 and Dream, so he saved his hair the identical crimson coloration for most of these 12 months. For GOT7, Mark was courageous enough to attempt the popular hair-coloration trend.
In the second row, there’s J-Hope, who took his hair from pumpkin spice to fire-engine purple before heading to America for the AMAs with BTS. You’ll locate Twice Dahyun’s red hair moment from the “Knock Knock” tune video inside the center. And ultimately, there’s Seventeen’s Hoshi circa “Clap”.

Faux Freckles
ICYMI, Pinterest became all about fake freckles this year — and K-pop stars have been, too. Instead of sitting out in the solar, NCT’s Jaehyun speckled his face in faux spots for his “Try Again” promo pics, possibly using brown eyeliner or brow pencil. D.O. also got in on the UV-unfastened laugh for EXO’s “The War”.

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Tangerine Hair
When it comes to hair colors, idols took a whole tour of ROYGBIV this year. The 2d stop becomes a mainly shocking coloration of orange. An identical hue flooded Insta feeds for motives unrelated to K-pop, and it became dubbed “tangerine hair.”

For “Artist”, Zico dyed his hair orange, and EXO’s Sehun’s regarded similarly citrusy for “Ko Ko Bop.” Seventeen’s Mingyu went almost neon for “Check In,” while Lisa took the trend to monochromatic ranges with coordinating brows for Blackpink’s “As If It’s Your Last” track video.

Messy Buns
While all of us patiently await the Spice Girls to reunite, it’s essential to apprehend that the contributors of Red Velvet, TWICE, Girl’s Generation, and Pristine kept the messy bun dream alive this year. Seulgi, Nayeon, Taeyeon, and Yua all pulled their hair into imperfectly perfect buns for their respective group’s song movies. Psst, if you want 2nd-day coiffure inspo, I endorse this appearance exceptionally. Whether you collect up all of your hair or just the pinnacle section, buns are the perfect manner to hide greasy, flat hair. (I talk from enjoying.)

Dandelion Hair
Yellow hair is typically avoided in any respect costs. Stylists will tone or rebleach hair if the hue takes place after lightening. I pleasantly surprised to see such many pop stars embrace the light color this year.
The first aspect you spot in GOT7’s “You Is” track video is Yugyeom’s dandelion-colored hair. You also can spot yellow hair in SF9’s “O Sole Mio” on Chani, Seventeen’s “Clap” on The8, and EXID’s “Night Rather Than Day” on Junghwa.


Hot Pink Eye Makeup
Hot crimson isn’t always only for lips; those girls’ appearances are evidence. For Blackpink’s “As If It’s Your Last” song video, Rose rimmed her lids with fuschia shadow. Hyuna also swept it on for numerous appearancesnces in her new “Lip & Hip” track v, too. He additionally tried out the watermelon shade in a winged form while Pristin’s Rena tapped some gloss atop it for “We Like.”

Floral Faces
I have admitted to getting emotional over Suho’s suitable dried flowers in EXO’s “Electric Kiss” on the Internet. (You can click on right here to discover why I shed a few tears over them.) EXID’s Junghwa showed us how to do a similar floral face with no petals; that’s a plus for those with allergic reactions. For “Night Rather Than Day”, she caught lovable daisy-formed stickers along with her cheeks and the bridge of her nostril.

Sky Blue Hair
As Youngjae sings in GOT7’s “You Are,” “It’s a lovely sky.” However, I think he neglected the phrase “blue-hair look” at the end of that line because his fellow member BamBam (visible within the decreased left nook) seemed extraordinary within the MV. But he wasn’t the handiest one to dye his hair this coloration of blue this year; Suga additionally did for the “Love Yourself: Her” promotional images and Monsta X’s Minhyuk for “Shine Forever.” For a full two weeks this 12 months — supply or take — Chanyeol had sky-blue hair, too. Luckily, it becomes documented for the relaxation of eternity with EXO’s “Power” tune video.

Golden Glitter Eye Makeup
I’m satisfied a person by accident spilled glitter in 2017 because the sparkly stuff got anywhere this 12 months, including but not constrained to stand masks and K-pop stars’ lids.
These four wore the gold with Sunmi’s “Gashina” look rating in the first area. As for the 2d, 1/3, and fourth areas, please don’t make me pick out. Taemin’s glistening eye makeup made a short appearance in “Move,” but it showed sufficient for me to fall in love. Speaking of break up-2nd showings, there was additionally Chanyeol’s glitter gold liner in “Ko Ko Bop” that you could have missed in case you blinked at the wrong second. In Red Velvet’s “Peek-A-Boo” tune video, Wendy’s lower lids also twinkled gold.

Mullets, Mullets, Mullets
Earlier this year, I went off on mullets, and despite this look’s developing popularity, my sentiments have stayed consistent. (You can read all approximately my mullet qualms here.) The entire business-in-the-front, party-in-the-again state of affairs, nonetheless does not do it for me. However, that didn’t prevent EXO’s Baekhyun, G-Dragon, NCT’s Taeil, or Dean from giving mullets a cross.


Gray Hair
Celebrities have been selecting to move grey for years, but the fashion picked up steam in 2017 amongst idols. Monsta X’s Jooheon became a silver fox for “Shine Forever.” As for BTS’s RM, he recently went from rose gold to ash gray, his favorite hair shade. Vernon acted as Seventeen’s grey-haired representative in “Trauma” even as Jeongyeon became TWICE’s for “Knock Knock.” Over at SM, SHINee’s Taemin and NCT’s Doyoung took the torch.

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