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70 Fresh And Modern Blogger Templates

You can never have a too extensive desire for templates in your weblog, specifically in case you’re the experimenting type. Therefore, we commenced another spherical up of Blogger subject matters, this time specializing in fresh and cutting-edge designs, and we came up with about 70 of them.

Please observe that the various templates are not in English, and you might want to run a Google Translate on them. Some of them may additionally require a free registration to download the templates.

Blogger Templates

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Advanced Tech – A nice blogger template with header tabs, orange coloration, publish headers and submit calendar icons.

Altruism – A smooth, minimalistic template with a white historical past and vivid green sidebar.

Aspire – A rustic appearance and calendar in the sidebar make this weblog template best for history and conventional food bloggers.

Bella – Pink and female. A satisfactory template floral design on the header and calendar icons at the posts.

BlueMarine – A smooth layout with quality RSS buttons and lots of header space.

Butterfly 2 – This is a properly performed template with two purple strips walking on the sides of the weblog and butterflies inside the header and sidebar.

Cat – Glossy, brilliant, awesome for an Internet 2.0-centric weblog.

Collaboration is a very clean template, one of my favorites on this listing.

Complimentary – A smooth white Blogger template, best for posting icons with posts. The inexperienced header with the blue strip is, in reality, status out.

Darkspark- This is a neat and stylish searching black and blue template with floral designs within the header. The blue post headers towards the black history stand out quite properly.

Decorative – Easy at the eyes, splendid for a literature-themed weblog.

Embouteilllage – Red and black continually move together, and the mixture has been used properly here.

Erudite – I love the templates at this website online. This specific one may be very clean and may be easily customized.

Feminina 1 – Pink history and one for the girls. In reality, you’ll see plenty greater red inside the Feminina series.

Feminina 2 – A woman in purple at the left sidebar provides a dash of femininity on this putting template. Again, the header is a bit too big for my taste.

Feminine three – Pink and butterflies. You can not beat that.

Flor – An easy, clean floral layout.

Flower Pink Border – If you’re up for something exclusive, the black and red aggregate.

Flowers – Nice “boxy” layout and a completely cutting-edge look. I’m in no way bet it’s Blogger in the beginning sight.

Garota – Goth-fashion template, too dark for me, but I’m positive many will find it irresistible, specifically folks who are into vampire movies.

Gemstone – Very nice use of the header location and a very good color aggregate.

Genesis – A three-column darkish shade topic with fine header tabs and sidebar header buttons.

Glass – Another non-public preferred of mine, creates that “wow” effect right from the start.

GossipCity – A three-column template to deliver your weblog that metro looks with stars and shines.

Gradient – A column template with grey heritage and header tabs.

History Channel – A template based on the History Channel.

Honest Expressions – A template much like K2 but has excellent sidebar header buttons.

iPhone – Here is the appropriate template for your blog for all iPhone fans.

Isabela – An orange strip at the header, a white heritage, and a girl on the backdrop. It’s a nice mixture.

IWork – A column template with an office subject matter.

Jeans- A template that seems like your faded denim. Quite first-rate, in case you are a cowboy. Or like cowboys.

Leia – A famous template in 3 columns. The proper-hand facet has header tabs and a big weblog description area.

Looter XP – A simple black-and-white layout with some placing effects.

Maio – A darkish template with a red flavor to it. There is an Adsense-equipped column covered properly.

Midnight – A 2-column dark template with the best header tabs.

Mosaico – A template design in mosaic style.

Natural Beauties – This is a smooth and sober template with a pleasing header coloration and sidebar header buttons. There are some header tabs too so that one can be pretty beneficial.

Nature charm – Quite a vivid and energetic template that any younger lady would love to use.

Navideno – An eye-appealing deal with a fruity taste.

O2 – This is a famous WordPress template ported to Blogger. It is a 3 column template with a larger sidebar on top of mini bars on the right-hand aspect.

Oggi – The header simultaneously comes as part of the submit section as the sidebar goes as much as the top of this right searching design.

Outono – Another two-column template with a floral layout at the body.

Pink Stars – A purple heritage and stars to supplement and bring out that best feminine look. A first-rate one for the ladies.

ProAds – This one is perfect for putting those 150×150 photo commercials.

Rainbow Garden – Would you want to have your submission decorated well with the garden plants? This is the template for you.

Red Girl – Quite a pleasing theme with a purple history and an uncommon fashion. You can put your photograph in the header.

Revolution – We have seen many WordPress magazine issues, but this one is for Bloggers. Could you take a look at it?

Bloggerized AdSense – AdSense-ready template, not too shabby searching.

Islantilla – any other Mac-themed template with a completely easy appearance.

Secret – Nice hand drawings. And pretty, a unique design that is putting.

Serena 2 – This three-column template has been well accomplished with a floral layout of the historical past.

Signus – A column template with header tabs and nice floral designs at the backdrop.

Simplicity 2.0 – This crimson color template appears stylish and female.

Styleicious – The best shade aggregate again with blue and black on this 3-column template.

Substance – A dark blue template with. It’s quite an easy appearance.

Subtle beauty – As the name shows, this template is quite a splendor and super use of font and heritage color.

Terra Firma – A exceptional WordPress ported weblog with space for Adsense in the header. The orange and green mixture makes it appear sparkling and vibrant.

Wiremesh – A dark template with color submit and sidebar headers.

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