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A Blog for Bloggers – 7 Ideas I Use When Writing My Blogs

I have been writing my blog for over 365 days; I write and put up a brand new blog daily. I do, at times, go through a mild touch of writer’s block, but now, not very often; I even have discovered that if I comply with these seven thoughts, I can always expand precise content material. There are lots of blogs written about “first-rate” content material, just what defies description; I haven’t begun to examine a definition of “pleasant” content that doesn’t outline it by saying it needs to be “best” content. What great content material is to at least one man or woman is vain to every other. To me, the word would not suggest something outside of accurate spelling, grammar, super punctuation, and a good flowing manner. My corporation is in the self-reliance area of interest; it’s miles an easy area of interest to write down approximately as I can narrate most existence capabilities. My manner of dealing with blogging is summed up in brief inside the following seven regulations I have located I generally comply with via intuition.


1) I write to 1 man or woman; it is not viable to write interesting articles to be of interest to many people even as making that my purpose. Abraham Lincoln said it fine with his statement, “You can please several humans some of the time; now not all of human beings all the time.” So I don’t try to; for example, my cutting-edge weblog, posted this morning, was written at the Volcano eruption in the Philippines, Mount Mayon. I spent time on the island from 1970 to 1973; I turned inside the Navy and was stationed in Subic Bay. This blog hung with the memory of a young infant, about ten years old, mainly a water buffalo down the facet of the motorway. He had no garments on, obviously very terrible; I think he is 50 years old. I strive to figure out with the rigors and tribulations of his lifestyle’s adventure; compassion is a completely real part of my writings. He is the most important part of that weblog; many humans are like him around the globe. In my thoughts, all will relate to that weblog; they may all be on the internet these days, but they’re crucial. I make certain to answer every remark as soon as I am in a position; it’s vital.

2) I choose one word to start and build from there; I study the whole thing all day. In the direction of that analysis, there are many subjects that hobby many human beings, and every one of those topics includes words, now and again hundreds of comments. Of those lots of words, I will choose one; I will then perform a mental workout of word courting; many mornings while lying on the mattress (while in the no-zone, no get-up, no stay in mattress zone), I will think of all of the phrases I can relate to that one. All of those phrases are the issue of being part of, or the principal word in my keyword, or maximum, probably my keyphrase. By going through that concept process, I additionally give you ideas for different blogs. Sometimes, the blog I intended to write takes a returned seat due to developing ideas for blogs associated with that word that I sense I must register first. I never take on a couple of phrases, forming one concept at a time; I am no longer a multi-tasker. Much of my area of interest consists of “homesteading”, so if I had the phrase “ice cream,” it would have permitted me to put it in writing before I got to the how-to. Conjuring up keywords creates openings for other blogs. For example, with the important phrase “making self-made ice cream from scratch”, it is possible to start a series of blogs with a blog on building a pasture in your new milk cow; that would be one weblog. Some phrases are simpler than others; climate screw-ups, for instance, practically write themselves, like the DNA of a salamander, which could take plenty of research and observation for me. Almost any word will paint; it relies upon your know-how of the difficulty and willingness to look at it. This is the identifying factor. I have found human beings are curious about everything. If you query that, examine what words you use to locate whatever is on the web; greater than likely, tens of millions of websites are listed.

3) I pay no attention to the word count; that is not what I’m in this for. I’m in it because I love to write down, study, and consider people and life. I have written some blogs with 800 words, perhaps one or two; I have not even written any less that I can keep in mind. I have even written many blogs over 2,000 words, but most are inside the 1200-1800 phrase variety. However, I am no longer tuned into word counting; I am not interested in it until I am completed. By allowing the wide variety of words to dominate my writings, I discover I do myself a disservice. If I am writing a mediocre weblog and force words I have observed, I can show it into a terrible write-up. Likewise, it is feasible to establish a notable weblog right into a mediocre one similarly. I have by no means observed the other to be true. I write until I am completed writing about the concern, pressured words to look like that. It’s a bit like a gambling song (I play the guitar); if a piece of music is written in “C” scale and I cease it with an “F” cord, for example, it sounds unfinished and leaves the listener (or musician) trying it to be finished with a “C” chord or word. That’s what is meant by a performer telling band individuals to “deliver it on domestic now”. As in this paragraph, while a topic is exhausted, it is time to go to the next one; it has an herbal finish. If I write more, I will lose you.

Four) I use my company’s “mission assertion” to orient my weblog around; in any case, I want to encourage human beings to pay attention. I have continually believed in a venture declaration; I won’t paste and copy it here as it is irrelevant. The desires of the business enterprise are set in a statement that can draw me back to the fundamentals of why I began an enterprise; it is the important stuff. It also is a reminder of who I am because, in any case, I wrote it with my interest and ideas about what I need to accomplish with my paintings. If you no longer have an undertaking statement, maybe you must; simply writing it introduced a new angle to how I consider how I am involved in my business.

Five) Write for human beings, no longer the search engines like Google and Yahoo; my major awareness is continually people, in any case on the opposite facet of what I am writing in “notepad” is someone analyzing it; you are what’s essential. Other than adhering to the obscure requirements of the primary search engines like Google, keywords, SEO, and original content, there is not much else to do for the massive men; due diligence goes a long way. I never cut and paste whatever, I do not even do charges, I use hyperlinks to reference an editorial. I make sure to have three sources before I write my weblog unless I know everything about the problem (boy, to be the day); I made that mistake as soon as and turned it into ” out on a piece of fake records, it is not amusing. In my analyzing and research, I ensure the information I am digesting is present-day unless I am writing a historical report, which I often do. Check the dates of the thing; most of the time, if it’s older than a few months, it’s miles records, I must know the distinction.

6) I pay no interest to get cash; I have the attitude if I carry out due diligence and write nicely, the money will come; it constantly has. I don’t need to provide myself as acting to be grasping; it is simpler to do than most people recognize. my non-public perception is if someone’s complete hobby in existence is cash, they’re doomed; check Facebook; greed appears to be doing them in. I even have a grandson I was working with beginning a track weblog; he wrote two blogs and asked me when he might start being paid. (What you are thinking are my actual thoughts, holy cow.) I advertise occasionally, and after I do, it’s miles, perhaps one product; I don’t like being the goal of a sales pitch constantly, so I don’t difficult promote anything; many blogs do, but I don’t examine them. When I put it on the market, I use a Link; even then, it needs to be a product directly associated with the sentence I just wrote. For example, if I just wrote an article on knot tying, I can also upload a hyperlink with a notation: “This Link is to purchase 50 toes of homemade herbal fiber rope.” With sales, I am prematurely and sincere; while you click on that Link, you realize that you are being encouraged to purchase something earlier than you click it.

7) I am no longer a “shock jock”; I will now not write approximately Politics, Religion, Abortion, Gun Rights, or get involved in any neighborhood disputes; it’s simply not my nature, and there’s nothing I can resolve in a 120-word tweet or a Facebook argument. I make no tries at solving the world; I even have one vote, and I use it; this is all.

That’s a summary of my blog; it is running for me. Maybe you would like to try a few of my ideas. I’m no longer positive about how successful my approach is; it seems to be running. I gain readers each week, but it’s a sluggish procedure. I am in it for the long haul; I don’t plan to end my blogging soon. I was writing when you consider that I become in-grade faculty.

Jenna D. Norton
Jenna D. Norton
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