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A Day Without The Sixth Digit – the mobile phone

Unbeknownst to many of us, we truly have a 6th digit – for a few, it’s a further limb—our cell phones. Though I do not belong to the technology that was born with touchscreen technology, I have fallen prey to it. A sure square object is as ensconced inside my hand as a kerchief became in the mitts of preceding generations of middle-aged girls.

So you can imagine my horror one morning closing week as I reached over to close the bathroom window because of the chilly December wind. Sadly, My sixth digit was no longer connected to my palm as the other five slipped out and began quickly descending into the toilet. “No-no-no-no-no-no-no-NOOOO!” I screamed silently. But then got here the inevitable sound: “Plop.


I gazed at the toilet bowl with the morbid fascination for what seemed like an eternity – but it was probably three seconds. My smartphone sat submerged vertically like the Poseidon. Or become it the Titanic? The water became clear; I may want to see the display; nevertheless, it bravely lit up. Then, it started to flicker as it began to drown. Throwing caution (and hygiene) to the winds, I reached in to rescue it.

The whole roll of three-ply lavatory paper was used to wipe away the Eau de lavatory. I rubbed every floor with manic urgency and then pressed the home button with a bit of luck. No response. I attempted every other control on the perimeters – call it CPR (cell phone resuscitation) – however, to no avail. Slowly, the enormity of what had passed off dawned on me. My cellular became useless. Or in a deep coma.

The body of workers at home has been sympathetic. “Use a hairdryer,” said one helpfully. “It worked when mine fell right into a puddle.” The other stated, “No, no, burying it in raw rice is the excellent alternative. I did that, and it revived in multiple hours…” Mindful of where mine had drowned, I avoided putting it in the 30kg sack, using the best bowl as a substitute. A couple of hours later, it turned into a blank.

Defeated, I broke the news to the husband and son. “Get it repaired,” said the primary, predictably and count-of-factly. The 2nd erupted with joy. “Yay!” he yelled, quite unbecomingly for 26 12 months antique. “I’ve been telling you to get a new telephone for months…God has listened to me! And it’s Christmas Eve…The ideal time.” “But I am used to this one,” I protested feebly.

The reality is that my phone was showing its age–three years is a lifetime now. And ultimate week, the front casing inexplicably detached itself from the frame and curled upward, leaving a skinny, lit-up gap at the aspect. So my cheek activated the ‘mute’ or ‘keep’ buttons mid-conversation.


That is also why it, in all likelihood, drowned so rapidly despite my lightning rescue dive. I belong to a technology that no longer discards as effortlessly as our children do, though we’re less thrifty than our mother and father. And there may be a consolation thing: being used to a new cell phone now is as daunting as settling into a recent faculty change in my children. You’d have the idea that converting seven faculties in thirteen years would have made me extra confident about switching mobile phones, but it has no longer.

So as my son zipped off to shop for a new one –online is cheaper, but transport takes a day or —I pondered my immobile existence. I couldn’t desire a chum on her birthday as I remembered neither her cellphone range nor electronic mail. I couldn’t look at the details of the day’s engagements. I couldn’t name the doctor to confirm my mom’s appointment.

Many images and saved messages are all long gone.

I felt my left-hand twitching: the phantom limb syndrome kicked in for my lacking 6th digit. I am questioning frenetically about all the messages and WhatsApp going unread and unanswered. I longed to name a chum; however, my panicky brain refused to show any numbers. But miraculously, utilizing early nighttime, the nerve endings had cooled down. I changed into calmer about my loss.

I became admirably indifferent when my son arrived with the new cellphone and put in the SIM card. I didn’t jump on it to re-establish reference to the relaxation of the world. My enforced daylong detox had given me a surprising and revitalizing experience of detachment. Disconnection had achieved wonders. Now, I am determined I shall no longer permit the brand new one to become with a 6th digit.

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