Is Modeling a Proper Career?


Girl grows up beneath Communism in former Czechoslovakia, climbs to the pinnacle of the fashion global as one of the maximum famous fashions on this planet, and almost has it all taken away as a sufferer of the 2004 tsunami in southeast Asia.

But Nemcova, 38, survived and he or she now heads a basis referred to as All Hands and Hearts, to assist victims of herbal screw ups around the world to rebuild their faculties and communities.

For the trendy in Reuters’ “Life Lessons” series, Petra Nemcova sat down to speak about how to model tragedy into joy.

Q: You grew up under Communism, so what was that enjoy like?

A: You had been a part of a system. So my dad became a bricklayer, my mother changed into a teacher and we grew up with little or no, picking up pennies to assist positioned meals at the desk. Our staple weight loss program changed into lentils and eggs, and perhaps we should afford meat once a week. Once I wore the same pair of winter shoes for seven years.

Q: How did you take care of the transition to modeling?

A: Communism fell once I became 11 years vintage, so at that factor, my era was given to follow their desires. I grabbed opportunities in modeling, due to the fact I knew that might get me out of the Czech Republic, and I could contend with my parents, who had constantly taken meals out in their own mouths to feed us.

I entered the “Look of the Year” opposition, received it, and commenced journeying to places like Milan, Paris, London and New York.

Q: Coming from that revel in, how did you cope with the money that started coming in?

A: In those early days there have been masses of conditions where I became misled because I become younger and naive, and I didn’t understand something about the financial international.

After that, I started out investing in actual property, which seemed like a miles stable and more secure desire for me. My first changed into an investment belongings in Paris, after which I bought locations in New York. I have invested in actual estate ever due to the fact that.

Q: Working with famed designers so carefully, did you examine from any of them?


A: I discovered through gazing them, how passionate and committed they’re – particularly, Giorgio Armani, his work ethic and the way specific he is.

Another position model, when Communism fell and I was given exposed to Western culture for the first time, become Audrey Hepburn. Not simplest her outstanding grace, however how she used her platform to put a spotlight on the ones suffering.

Marc Benioff, (CEO) of Salesforce, is one of the maximum powerful commercial enterprise leaders in international, but I have by no means met everybody who takes a lot of time to assist others.

Q: Are you able to talk approximately your traumatic tsunami revel in, and what you found out from it?

A: Life has a manner of coaching you its classes. I changed into extremely a hit. I turned into happy with my companion, and we were on a romantic vacation. In some seconds, we went from a lovely walk at the seashore to something that shattered everybody’s lives.

My pelvis changed into crushed in 4 locations, and for eight hours, I clung to a palm tree inside the waters. What I found out from that is that something can take place at any time. Nobody is aware of what’s going to manifest next, and every second is a gift.

Even while you are going through tragedies, you could still focus on the wonderful. When I changed into inside the health facility and didn’t recognize if I could ever stroll again, I informed myself: ‘Well, I still have my eyes and ears.’ I misplaced my partner, however, I nevertheless had my circle of relatives. You deal with hopelessness via being thankful hottest victoria’s secret models.

Q: How did that enjoy inspire you together with your basis?

A: After herbal failures, when first responders leave, there may be a gap wherein communities have no assist. In precise, youngsters might watch for years for colleges to be rebuilt. We have centered on rebuilding faculties after herbal disasters – 171 of them in 10 international locations around the world.

Q: What lifestyles training do you try and skip on to others?

A: Take the time to clearly enjoy giving and not simply write a check. Go to the locations you are supporting, because it will give you an extraordinary expertise in life, and a brand new size of pleasure and gratitude. If you don’t do that, you’re lacking out on what existence has to offer models portfolio girls.


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