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Blogger Jennifer Kennedy determined to embrace the menopause

With sweat slowly trickling down your neck and a migraine throbbing in the back of your eyes, it could be tough to pressure a grin, let alone laugh. But while the signs and symptoms of menopause first commenced affecting blogger Jennifer Kennedy, she decided to embrace the funnier side of “going thru the alternate.” Two years ago, Jennifer, now forty-nine, commenced recording her stories online, setting out her internet site Galloping Catastrophe. She writes about the whole thing, from warm flushes and tension to mood swings and weight gain.

For Jennifer, who lives and works in Edinburgh, there has been a lack of normal ladies speakme about their journey, and he or she desired to help extra humans feel much less on my own. About 18 months in the past I became going to and fro to the physician due to the fact I notion I turned into sincerely unwell because of numerous symptoms, but it in no way came about to me that I might be menopausal – I had turned 48 and I idea that came about while you were about a hundred and fifty,” she explained. Finally, I saw a locum health practitioner, and she instructed me I become starting menopause.

Blogger Jennifer Kennedy determined to embrace the menopause 1

A lot of human beings are devastated while they’re diagnosed. However, I turned into actually glad and relieved in a way. It became just something each woman is going via, and I should address that. I published approximately my enjoy on Facebook, and there had been hundreds of likes and shares. I idea it might be fun to listen to the stories of a normal, normal individual in place of a wealthy celeb or a medical expert, so I began my weblog. It’s awesome how speedy it took off.

Starting with the handiest around one hundred fans, usually friends and circle of relatives, Jennifer’s weblog now has 34,000 readers. She has even posted a book – something she attributes to her no-nonsense fashion of writing always makes a specialty of the humorous facet of menopausal moments. She said: “There are such a lot of very severe clinical books and plenty of celebrities writing approximately how lousy the menopause is for them; however, nobody honestly searching at the lighter side.

I desired to keep my writing pretty effective, have amusing, and study real-lifestyles experiences. If you think about it, there are loads of funny aspects. If you have got fun, humans can relate lots more. A reader as soon as informed me, ‘You make me chortle till the tears run down my legs, which I concept turned into pretty apt! This month saw a leap forward in future remedies for menopause, thanks to a brand new system that might put off the nature exchange by way of up to 20 years by tricking ladies’ biological clocks into wondering if they may be younger.

Costing between £7,000 and £11,000, the treatment sees ovarian tissue removed through keyhole surgical procedure then sliced, frozen, and preserved until the beginning of the menopause. At this time, the tissue is thawed and grafted back into the frame. Nine ladies have already undergone the method, and scientists say it can gain heaps extra, stopping related health complications and diseases. However, with various treatment alternatives, now not plenty expert advice effortlessly available, Jennifer believes it’s more essential than ever that girls communicate about their signs and symptoms and do their very own studies.

She stated: “There are lots of alternatives, so it’s crucial to speak in your physician and to do your personal studies, too. GPs regularly most effective have 10 minutes per appointment, and in seven years of training, they most effective get three hours on the menopause, and but every girl will undergo it at some point. And it clearly is a non-public choice. What’s proper for one individual won’t be proper for every other. I frequently hear people saying that we shouldn’t medicalize menopause because it’s a herbal exchange; however, while your estrogen degrees drop, there are elevated chances of coronary heart assault, osteoporosis, and diabetes.

So, it can absolutely be a bigger problem if we don’t do anything.

She delivered: “Some people sail through the menopause with best the occasional warm flush. But, for others, their life can be destroyed by way of it – they go away from marriages, turn out to be unemployed, and go through despair.

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