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Blogging Tips – Advertising Program – MMA Adnet

Lately, I have been attempting out one-of-a-kind marketing and associated packages and will be writing some articles for the achievement and information of the various applications. The first one I am going to is MMA Ad Network, one of the primary advertisers on my internet site. MMA Adnet does some things well, which I will discuss. In Destiny articles, I will speak, CommissionJunction.Com, Google AdSense, and Muay Thai Here are a number of the capabilities of MMA Adnetwork.

MMA Centric Ads

One of the things that I like about MMA Adnet is that most of the ads on the site are MMA Centric. This means they may be selling MMA Fighters, products, dietary supplements, etc. Some examples include Shawn Carwin, Efrain Escudero, and Warrior Clothing. They additionally have a few non-MMA-centric commercials targeting equally preferred demographics (Males 18-35), including merchandise on, speaker systems, etc. Occasionally, some commercials can be totally out of the target market, along with Richard Dawkins. Internet advertisements, but hey, they’re buying the ad space, so I can not whinge.


Pay Per Impression

The biggest promoting factor from a publisher’s point of view (a publisher is someone who shows the ads on their website) is that you emerge as getting paid in keeping with impression instead of paid according to click on. Pay-per-click packages usually work so that if someone sees an advert they like even as they’re for your website and click it, you receive a small commission. The downside is that a person may also see an ad 20 times earlier than they surely click on it, and once they do connect, it can not be on your internet site. With Pay Per Impression, you get paid every occasion an advert displayed on your site. This approach works loads higher while the advertisements are image-based instead of text-primarily based on Google.

MMA Adnetwork does not have a conventional technique for determining the charge in keeping with the impression. In a traditional approach, you receive a commission consistent with each one thousand images, normally a small quantity such as $1-2 bucks. However, I have found that many programs have minimal visitor requirements to be included in their program. MMA Adnet determines the fee by using your ordinary percentage of impressions for the month and pays out as a consequence. I will pass into detail about payment later.

One final point I like is that MMA Adnet doesn’t currently have any boundaries regarding the variety of ads you can display on a page. For example, Google will only allow three advertisements on a web page; after that, if you show greater ads, they say blank space. With MMA Adnet, you can fill all unused page advert areas with one source.

Your Ad Placement

MMA Adnet also allows every affiliate to put up 1 468×60 banner. This is circulated into a rotation for placement on the advert network. As a result, your advert is displayed on different MMA-based websites. So, in the two months I have been part of the network, my banner has been displayed 23,000 times, and I have obtained 40 click-throughs from the one’s impressions. IIt is loose advertising can bring additional site visitors and lovers to the website. That’s a pleasant little bonus.

Back End Data

You may be wondering how I changed into capable of determining how normally my banner has been displayed and clicked. Well, MMA Adnet has a backup,  which gives you a positive amount of records. This section is not as obvious as I would love, but they’ll upgrade it. You may see the number of impressions and clicks on your banner, and you may additionally see the number of images and clicks on the ads displayed on your website. The one issue I experience is missing is some form of price approximation based on your stats. Even if this wide variety becomes too exact, they might still come up with a rough concept of how many you may anticipate.

I understand that one reason they cannot do this is part. First of all, traffic is not always steady. One day, 1,000 impressions might be 2% of the overall visitors, and the day after today, that equals 1,000 impressions is probably 5% of the general site visitors, so your percentage for the month will vary. The 2nd reason they can’t do that is because many of their commercials are based totally and no longer pay a flat fee. For instance, one of the Amazon ads simplest pays out if a person clicks, after which he purchases merchandise from Amazon throughout their shopping. That quantity can’t be decided into the totals in a lower backstop software.

One possible solution for this would be as follows. At the beginning of the month, Adnetwork is aware of how much ad space they have bought as income for the month. They ought to take that quantity (let’s say it’s 3,000 3,000) and divide that by the days of the month (let’s consider 30 to hold it easy). That would mean the payout consistent with a day is $one hundred. Then, they can take that $100 and a couple of it through your percent of the full ads for that day. To simplify the maths, shall we say I had 5% of the daily advertisements? That might mean that I earned $5 for that day.

Of course, it would be understood by everybody (if it became genuinely explained and obvious) that that is an approximate general for profits and that real results might also vary. This number should turn out to be greater or less, relying on the variables of universal visitors for the month, affiliate commercials, and further advert area sold during the month. Something like that might be a pleasing feature that also desires to be delivered to the back quit.


In the beginning, I signed up for the Ad Network closer to the end of April, and I no longer earned lots from advertising at some stage in that month. I had to wait till I acquired my May earnings, so I had a hard idea of how much of my income had been. Before I get into my earnings, let me inform you of a few capabilities of how the bills work. First, payments are made via PayPal if your total income is over $10. If the earnings are much less than $10, they’re carried over to the subsequent month. Also, your bills are not paid out until the 15th of the following month, so my Payments for May (and the holdings from April) have not been obtained until June 15th.

During May, I had about 104,000 ad impressions. When you include my ad impressions from April, which became simply over 15,000, my overall for the two months becomes about 120,000 impressions. I ended up getting a bit over USD 22 payment for that point frame. My overall percentage of the ad community becomes about 2%. Based on those numbers, I can figure out that the final payout month was probably around $one thousand.

While the $22 is not much, the positive view is that the network will continue to grow, and the payouts will keep growing on the side of that. If you couple that with the bonus of the unfastened traffic, the MMA Adnetwork has a pretty correct aspect going. If they can preserve and improve the network while bringing in extra customers, I would love to stay part of it.

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