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Britain’s Brexit And Trump America: Allies’ Influence

The U.S. Government’s foreign coverage and the United Kingdom’s choice to depart the EU have damaged the impact the two allies wield nowadays in NATO and inside the European Union, consistent with observers, as Russia and China turn out to be more assertive globally.


Two political earthquakes shook the Western international closing yr – Brexit and the U.S. Election of Donald Trump. Many in Europe now see those votes as a one-punch to the post-World War II shape, decisions that weaken America’s influence and its closest ally, Britain. NPR’s Frank Langfitt traveled to Brussels, home of the European Union, and filed this record.


FRANK LANGFITT, BYLINE: In the years after World War II, the U.K., And the U.S. Helped lay out the world as we comprehend it. In the last 12 months, they appeared to show their backs on the liberal international order. The United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union, and the US elected an America-first populist in Donald Trump.

ROSA BALFOUR: From June 2016 to the early months of 2017, it was virtually pretty a surprise.

LANGFITT: Rosa Balfour is a senior fellow at the German Marshall Fund of the U.S., based in Brussels. The United Kingdom has historically been seen as politically stable domestically and overseas. But after the Brexit vote, the ruling Tory Party descended into civil warfare.

BALFOUR: If you look at home politics, it is turmoil. I mean, every other day, there are reviews that the authorities go to fall. So there’s a solid feel of weak points coming from London.

LANGFITT: When it turned into the closing time Brit, ain looked at this from the angle of the relaxation of continental Europe.

BALFOUR: I imply there is no precedent to this.

LANGFITT: The U.S. Underneath Donald Trump appears no better to most Europeans.

ROLAND FREUDENSTEIN: Terrible – he appears terrible.

LANGFITT: I caught up with Roland Freudenstein at a Brussels Pub. He’s the policy director of the Martens Centre, a suppose tank. Trump has angered many Europeans by strolling far from the Paris Weather Accord and finding out to move the U.S. Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem. Freudenstein and others right here hope traditionalists like Defense Secretary Jim Mattis will hold to rein in the president. But a few talk of moving on. Freudenstein describes their wondering like this Captain American Civil War photos.



We’ve got to cut free from the U.S. Because – sincerely because a nation that elects that guy for president can’t be sane and cannot be our strategic best friend.

LANGFITT: The result is division, which Rosa Balfour of the German Marshall Fund says weakens Western democracies and the transatlantic alliance that has in large part supported peace and prosperity since the give up of World War II.

BALFOUR: I don’t want to be apocalyptic; however, the world is changing. The world is converting in a manner – at a pace that we are not used to and making the West a much smaller part of the global map.

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LANGFITT: Roland Freudenstein says some in Brussels pray Trump most effectively serves one term. But he provides there’s no guarantee whoever comes subsequently could mend family members with Europe.

FREUDENSTEIN: I wish we would cross again to miles deeper mutual appreciation, friendship, and alliance, but this can no longer always be up. Trump’s successor can be a populist from the left, or we may get a Trump two.

LANGFITT: Guntram Wolff runs Bruegel, a leading suppose tank in Brussels. When we spoke at his workplace, I requested him this.

When the history books are written 20, 30, or 40 years from now, what do you observe this period can be known as?

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