Celtic Health Insurance Company of Arizona is one of the top fitness blessings providers in the AZ. The kingdom of Arizona has many medical insurance organizations competing for clients within every one of the counties. Although no longer many human beings have heard of this coverage agency, Celtic maintains to develop at a fast tempo and people around we of a are starting to be increasingly familiar with it.

The company was founded in the 12 months of 1978 in the metropolis of Chicago, Illinois. They commenced inside the healthcare industry offering group and person fitness plans in conjunction with existing insurance. After understanding that they could not aware of those 3 styles of coverage, they determined to stick with man or woman medical health insurance plans. Today they’re one of the most frequent medical health insurance corporations for man or woman plans with over 900,000 contributors and is certified in 49 out of the 50 U.S. States except for Hawaii. They offer coverage for people, kids and families along with plans which are complete and low cost. Short-time period plans and Health Savings Accounts well-suited plans also are outstanding inside the Celtic Health Insurance Company.

All in their plans comply with the Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) community of physicians and hospitals in which their contributors can receive offerings. They also have what’s known as an “Any Doc” PPO that gives you full insurance coverage with any fitness care company. Although Celtic doesn’t have thousands and thousands of individuals like some of the “pinnacle dogs” insurance organizations, they try for excellence and for amazing customer support to assist their participants. It is because of this achievement that Celtic Health Company was rated A- (Excellent) with the aid of A.M. Best. The score is giving to agencies that meet the obligations and desires of their members.

Perhaps the great factor approximately Celtic and the factor that draws individuals the maximum is the convenience the business enterprise offers for enrollment. You will only answer a questionnaire and you’ll be covered for pre-existing conditions if and only if certain pointers are met. If you’ve got a pre-current condition touch Celtic Health for more statistics. For all others searching into Celtic, the qualifications are the entirety but strict. To qualify for Celtic insurance the insurer should be between the ages of 6 months and sixty-four ½ years of age and can’t be blanketed beneath any other medical insurance plan. The applicant must be a United States citizen or a foreign resident that has been dwelling legally within the united states for at least 2 years. The only qualification for dependents is they need to be 6 weeks old or older.

Within the country of Arizona Celtic Health Insurance offers 5 sorts of plans and within the ones plans there are subdivisions based totally on the amount of deductible someone needs in their coverage and the co-coverage and copays they want to pay when using the services. All six plans will be described in detail below with the distinct options in deductible, copays and co-coverage insurance.

CeltiCare II Select PPO Plan: This plan is a medical doctor and sanatorium PPO plan for individuals between the ages of 6 months and 64 ½ years vintage. The calendar yr deductibles for this plans are $500, $one thousand, $1500, $2500 and $5000, with out-of-pocket maximums of $2500, $3000, $3500, $4500 and $7000 respectively. You have a maximum of six visits to the physician in step with calendar 12 months; every one of them could be $15. If you manifest to head for a seventh visit you’ll pay a complete fee and that cash might be discounted out of your deductible. Laboratory prices and x-rays are paid one hundred% except they move past $two hundred, then you’ll have to pay full fee concern to the deductible. Prescription drugs are divided into 3 stages, but earlier than you get the actual charges you will be a situation to a $500 deductible. After this deductible, you’ll pay $20 for every day, $40 for emblem call and $ seventy-five for a strong point. You will pay $250 further in your every year deductible if you go to the emergency room; however, the rate is canceled in case you are admitted. Lastly, for inpatient care, your medical institution is protected up to four times in a calendar year. It is vital to the word which you have the choice to the exit of community, however, you may have a $1500 annual deductible.

CeltiCare II “Any Doc” PPO Plan: This plan is any doctor-health facility PPO for member among the long time of 6 months to 64 ½ years antique. The annual plan deductibles for this plan include $500, $one thousand, $1500, $2500 and $5000 with out-of-pocket maximums of $2500, $3000, $3500, $4500 and $7000 respectively. You could have six visits to the doctor in keeping with the calendar year and each of them will be $35. In the case which you want to go for a seventh go to you’ll be a situation in your deductible (pay full rate). Labs and X-rays are the same as the previous plan and are paid 100% till you exceed 2 hundred. The prescription drugs are $20 generic, $40 emblem call and $ seventy-five specialty and emergency room costs are $250 if you aren’t admitted. Inpatient care is included up to four visits in line with yr and in case you go out of community you will have some other $1500 deductible.

CeltiCare II Managed Indemnity Plan: This plan has no community requirements meaning that you could go everywhere you want and the fee for your services might be the same. The age requirements for this plan are the same as the other (among 6 months and 64 ½ years old). Deductibles for this plan are as follows: $500, $a thousand, $1500, $2500 and $5000 with out-of-pocket maximums of $2500, $3000, $3500, $4500 and $7000. Outpatient and Preventive office visits will price you a complete fee and prescription insurance is split into 3 with frequent drugs being $20, Brand name medicinal drugs $40 and distinctiveness medicinal drugs are $ seventy-five. Inpatient care is blanketed up to four visits in step with year and the emergency room fee is $250 if you aren’t admitted to the health center.

The three plans stated above permit you to add options in line with the sort of clinical insurance that you need. Those options consist of a prescription choice that allows you to pay no deductible for accepted and simplest a $one hundred deductible for the brand call and distinctiveness medicinal drugs, the CeltiCare II Plus Option that lets in the person to add preventive care and supplemental accident to the coverage; and eventually a term lifestyles coverage alternative.

Celtic Basic Health Plan: This plan operates within the bodily and medical institution PPO network and is to be had for human beings between the ages of 6 months and 64 ½ years old. Deductibles provided are $1500, $2500 and $5000, but a further $1500 in deductible will be brought in case you want to go out of network. You can have 2 medical doctor visits per year for the value of $30 each and then you definitely pay complete charge till meeting deductible. Labs and x-rays are also charged complete charge until you meet the deductible and you may also need to pay a price of $250 every time you visit the emergency room if you are not admitted. For health center care you may pay a $500 deductible consistent with admission and you’ll pay $1000 deductible on prescription medicines. It is also essential to say that the medication is divided into the common 3 tiers and you may pay $25 for regular, a 35% co-coverage for emblem name and 50% co-coverage for the specialty. This plan also offers preventive care, rehabilitation offerings, and domestic fitness care.

CelticSaver HSA Health Plan: This plan operates in two special networks, a managed indemnity and a PPO with the age of individuals between 18 and sixty-four ½ yr of age. Deductibles for individuals below this plan are $1500, $2600 and $5000 with the circle of relatives deductible being doubled. Non-preventive workplace visits are included after the deductible is met as well as prescription medicinal drugs. The emergency room charge is that of $250 if you aren’t admitted and the plan consists of preventive eye care up to $50 bucks, psychiatric care as much as $2500 in line with the person and manipulative theory as much as $500 in line with calendar 12 months. Inpatient intensive health facility care is protected as much as four visits according to calendar 12 months and the plan additionally protected domestic fitness care for the ones humans that need it.

As you may see Celtic specializes in character plans and they have managed to put together some of the first-class plans for people inside the state of Arizona. If you decide that Celtic Health Insurance is the proper one for you, then you can name your local Celtic Sales Office or speak to a licensed Celtic Arizona medical health insurance agent.