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Come Jan 8, register property online in Mohali and Rajpura

Come January eight; the property might be registered online in Mohali and Rajpura. With this, both those cities turn into 2D inside the U.S. S. A. Giving up age-vintage bulky belongings in registration takes a great deal of time and inconvenience to dealers and customers. Under the brand new gadget, the parties will enter records related to registration online and get an appointment from the Sub-Registrar (Tehsildar) worried about their convenience. This will reduce the whole time for registration of documents to five minutes.


Announcing this right here nowadays, property Financial Register Commissioner  Come Revenue (FCR)-cum-Additional Chief Secretary (Housing and Urban Development) Vini Mahajan told The Tribune that online assets registration is already taking place successfully at Moga and Adampur in Punjab, which the trial run of u. S . ‘s first pilot mission was released on November 17.

Considering the pilot venture’s success, we have determined to increase the web belongings registration provider at Mohali and Rajpura from New Year. Deputy Commissioners of Mohali and Patiala have confidence in us to release the provider from January eight,” Mahajan disclosed.

The FCR-cum-ACS stated that the recent era, cloud-based internet software program, advanced in Open Source Technologies, that’s much less highly-priced and enormously at ease, will permit an online interface for citizens to enter statistics associated with registration and importing of files 24×7. The new gadget can even allow computerized calculation of stamp duty, registration charges, and different expenses based on Collector charges. This will reduce the dependency on deed writers.


Under the new system, buyers and sellers will undergo Adhaar-based authentication, but the Sub-Registrars can be subjected to biometric authentication to negate fraud. Besides different blessings, the online assets registration will offer immediate SMS signals to sellers and customers and hyperlink land records with registration. It additionally provides actual time shooting of snapshots of consumers/sellers/witnesses alongside Sub-Registrars, which ensures authentication and decreases impersonation Malaysia property outlook 2015.

In Punjab, 732 documents were registered online thus far, of which 208 were registered in Adampur and 524 in Moga. The parties entered statistics related to writing online and were given appointments in keeping with their convenience. “As in keeping with feedback acquired from each Sub-Registrar workplaces, general time for registration of files has been decreased to five-7 mins,” stated the FCR-cum-ACS. Property Malaysia property for sale.


Punjab is the primary state in the USA to launch the net assets registration assignment, an initiative of the Union Government. National Generic Software for Document Registration (NGDRS) is used for the cause.


Punjab used PRISM software of NIC for registration of documents considering that 2002 and the remaining version changed into provided in 2004-05. To upgrade the existing software program, the Department of Revenue approached the NIC Director-General for necessary help in the upgrade/development of the registration software. Subsequently, the Union Department of Land Resources assigned the task to the NIC, Pune, to develop a web-based, widely widespread solution for asset registration and the interlinking with land statistics and cadastral maps (NGDRS).


Use of modern-day technology. Cloud-primarily based web software program advanced in Open Source Technologies that’s less highly-priced and quite secure. The online interface for residents to go into data related to registration and uploading of documents 24×7. Automatic calculation of stamp obligation, registration costs, and different prices based totally on Collector prices. Reduces dependency on deed writers.

Aadhaar-primarily based authentication to negate frauds.

Online appointment machine. Citizens can make an appointment to see the Sub-Registrar in step with the available slot. *Saves time and money for citizens. Minimizes visits to Sub-Registrar places of work. Real-time reviews are generated, enabling short assessments with the aid of the authorities worried. Real-time taking pictures of photographs of buyers/dealers/witnesses alongside Sub-Registrars. It gives authentication and reduces the danger of impersonation—instant SMS indicators to dealers and consumers. Scanning and uploading final documents on the portal enables the updation of revenue reports. Capturing of all audit logs (online sports path is charged). It helps stumble on fraud or statistics manipulation.

Provision for linking of land data with registry

The Alternative Minimum Tax is a critical consideration for taxpayers who own real estate because almost every tax rule applying to real estate is different for the AMT than for the Regular Tax. This article on Real Estate and the AMT will address those situations where the individual holds the real estate as an investment, typically a rental property. The differences in tax treatment between the Regular Tax and the AMT can be significant.

Interest expense

Interest paid on the mortgage taken out to acquire the property is fully deductible, both for the Regular Tax and the Alternative Minimum Tax. Unlike itemized deductions that allow a tax benefit for what amounts to personal expenses, the tax law generally allows all deductions a taxpayer has to make in the pursuit of business income. Thus, the limitations discussed in the previous article on home mortgage interest do not apply.

If, however, the equity in the rental property is used as security for an additional loan – a second mortgage, for example – then the taxpayer must look at how the loan proceeds are used to determine interest deductibility. For instance, if the proceeds are used for a car loan or to finance a child’s education, then the interest is nondeductible personal interest. The interest is deductible if the proceeds are used to improve the rental property. Suggestion – it is best that taxpayers keep individual borrowings separate from business borrowings. Mixing the two creates recordkeeping challenges and can result in disputes with the IRS.

Property taxes

Property taxes paid on rental or investment property are allowed in full for Regular Tax purposes and Alternative Minimum Tax. Planning idea – if you can pay your property tax bill either this year or next, pay it in a year when you have enough income from the property not to generate a rental loss. This strategy can help avoid triggering the passive activity loss limitations described below.

For example – in Florida, property tax bills are mailed in October and are payable under the following discount schedule: November – 4%, December – 3%, January – 2%, and February – 1%. If you have a loss from the property in 2010 but expect to generate income in 2011, do not pay your bill in November or December – forgoing that small discount could help you avoid the loss-limitation rules.

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