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The Spiritual Reasons We Love Computers Golf and Men

According to the Big Bang Theory, this gift model of the Universe came into being 15 billion years ago. The Earth got here into being five billion years ago. Chi Chi Rodriguez was born seventy-two years ago into a terrible Puerto Rican circle of relatives with five brothers and sisters. His father earned $18 in keeping with the week doing manual exertions and tending cows. When he was seven years old, antique Chi Chi Rodriguez got an activity sporting water on a Puerto Rican sugar plantation. Based on Chi Chi Rodriguez’s nature, the USA must allow every Mexican into the United States of America.

The Spiritual Reasons We Love Computers Golf and Men 1

The United States, Mexico, and Canada must all become one u. S. A. We could have Alberta’s oil hugely greater than all of the Middle East, incredible lakes, and Cancun. For that, we should remove all human-made nations and stop wars, between nations, and prevent spending all of our earnings on killing machines. “Imagine there are no countries; it is clean if you strive.”

We all love computers due to the fact they permit us to put our minds down on paper and share them with different human beings all over the globe in articles, blogs, e-mails, myspace, Facebook, feedback blogs, interactive newspapers permitting feedback, free worldwide video, audio and text instant messaging, and internet relationship websites. In othother words, computer systems and the internet are the therapy for loneliness in a society that has suffered the breakup of the conventional family structure. With your TV and cellphone, you can lock yourself to your room and continue to have an interesting social existence indefinitely. We no longer need five brothers and sisters, our mother and father and grandparents, and monopoly boards to entertain us.

All of the statistics in the international are on your keyboard. With webmd.Com, soon we can have any need for medical doctors. With wikipedia.Org, soon we can, there won’t be any need for schools. With real-time chat webcam video porn websites quickly, our boyfriends will not have any want for us. We will be reduced to spinsters studying our spam.

The bodily reason that we adore computers is that they require no physical exertion in any respect. We can spend our days typing away and feel that we have done something. When Chi Chi Rodriguez was 7, he became a caddy. He made a department from a guava tree into a golfing club and used a Coke can for a golfing ball. Then he taught himself golf by looking at the golfers he caddied for, and the subsequent component he knew he turned into touring the world imitating Zorro on Shell’s Wonderful World of Golf with “The King.”

“The King of Kings” has become well-known because of the discovery of books. “The King” has become famous due to the invention of televisions. Paris Hilton has become the cutting-edge day Aphrodite because of the discovery of private computers and the net around the time Paris, the heiress, was born into the lap of luxury, the Century Regional Detention Center. In the old days, humans examined fictional books, magazines, and tabloids. Now we recognize that reality in real-time on tmz.Com is stranger than fiction. We are all voyeurs who love to observe the amazing fall from grace. Sue us. Charge us $250,000 for sharing nine songs. Nevertheless, you will not forestall us from using our computers.

Chemistry is a crucial part of any relationship. How can you be trustworthy to one person on your complete lifestyle, which is now double the period of our ancestors’ lives? Thank you to fashionable medicine, in case you aren’t turned on by that person. It may also sound superficial, but a part of the human brain feels good when it sees a beautiful photograph and cringes when it sees an ugly photo. We love computer systems because websites have stunning images, colors, and pictures, making us feel suitable. It is a known fact that suicide quotes are double in houses without a computer. So what if I made that up? Sue me.

Here comes the spiritual motive that we like computer systems. Numerous people have skills close to the loss of life stories. These human beings have medically died. While they were dead, the white, mild Holy Spirit living off their body left their frame. In a few instances, their clinic rooms were drywall up to the first eight toes and glass for the pinnacle 2 ft. Their spirits floated up to the pinnacle of the room in which they noticed their husbands at the nurses’ station seeking to choose up the nurse who had three windows open on her laptop, one tracking the sufferers, one to an internet dating site, and one getting actual time ratings on thegolfchannel.Com.

Suddenly, the medical doctor added the female back into existence. When the husband entered her room, the dead female said, “I see Chi Chi Rodriguez is losing to Jack Nicklaus in the 18 hollow playoffs for the U.S. Senior Open.” While she was dead, the lady saw the pc and the brilliant white light tunnel to Heaven, the gateway that people had been taking back to Heaven for five million years in every other measurement.

Yesterday, President George Bush stated that we all pray to the same God regardless of faith. Jews, Christians, and Muslims pray to the identical God who carved the Ten Commandments in stone at Mount Sinai three, two hundred years ago last Wednesday. God of Mount Sinai is likewise known as God the Father, Jesus Christ, The Holy Spirit, Allah, Elohim, Yehovah, Hashem, and Adonai.

The white light of the Holy Spirit inner folks is like gravity; it does not rely on whether you believe in it or what you name it or in case you recognize it; it will pull you in the right direction nonetheless. Because this Holy Spirit lives in us all on Earth, King David stated, “You are all Gods, you are all children of God.” (Psalm eighty-two:6 in the Old Testament, the Holy Scripture of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Islam also follows the New Testament and the Muslim Messiahs are Jesus Christ and the Mahdi).

Unfortunately for humans, we constantly focus on our minuscule variations while ignoring our sizable similarities with human DNA, guys, golf, and computer systems. When we die and move into the mild, we are unified with the souls of everybody else. You are God (Holy White Light), a part of God, and certainly one of God’s children. God carved in stone, “Don’t Murder,” because when you commit homicide, you’re murdering God, and the God in the different character sees you doing it. We love computer systems because when we look into the white light of our monitors, we feel like we are lower back domestic in the tunnel again to Heaven. It makes us feel happy and nonviolent like we experience when we die and go away, our bodies and time slow down. We love being bathed in the white light.


Meanwhile, lower back on Earth, what’s the meaning of lifestyles? We are here to enjoy emotions, both pleasure and pain. People love going to the song because they cross from the lowest low to the highest excessive. People ask, “Why do terrible things manifest to desirable people?” An angel has to suffer on this planet to research her suffering so that she can help others conquer equal trouble.

We are dwelling in annoying, frightening times with threats of nuclear global war, global warming, polar bears and walruses going extinct, only 25 years of oil left, and financial concerns. The number of major issues past our control is unwell and making us ill. We love computer systems because when we click, the computer does as advised. Psychologically, criticism and control make us feel higher about ourselves.

There is not any greater feeling than assisting others. We love computers and golf because they permit us to try to help others. Into the mild, allow us to approach, do no longer shut us out, for we’ve sinned, O Glorious God of Mount Sinai, Buddha, Krishna, Chinese God, all names of God. Or as Chi Chi Rodriguez prayed throughout his 30 wins, “Into the cup, let me method, do not lip me out, for I even have sinned, O Glorious God.” There is not anything like the sensation of a nicely struck five iron soaring into the mountains of Palm Springs, California. Just ask Morgan Pressel. Computers are like dogs. Their love and light are unconditional.

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