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Deck Maintenance Tips by a Pro

Are you neglecting your deck?

Could you not do it? Otherwise, it will be ruined, and you have to spend extra on installing a new deck. And you don’t want to spend your hard-earned money unnecessarily.

If you want your deck to be sound, you must take care of it. So, here we are with deck maintenance tips by a pro:

1. Deck Inspection

Inspecting something for its faults is an essential part of maintenance. So, before beginning with the deck maintenance, it is necessary to examine the deck for any problems. Deck inspection every year is crucial if you want to increase the durability of your deck.

When performing the inspection, check the following:

  • If there is any loose board?
  • Are there any protruding nails?
  • Is the wood rotting?

All these questions will help you decide where to start the maintenance. You can also take the help of your deck builder to know your deck deeply. They can suggest the best maintenance practices depending on your patio.

Deck Maintenance Tips by a Pro 1

2. Wash Your Deck –

Cleaning the deck yearly is necessary to lessen the risk of wood rotting. Make sure that you use only a deck cleaning solution. It will help eliminate mold and bacteria accumulated from the last year. While washing the deck, a cleaning solution is spread using a pressure washer or broom. Furthermore, be cautious while using a pressure washer. Don’t go overboard.

Ensure you hold the nozzle far away from the deck’s surface not to destroy the wood. Washing the deck with a pressure washer too heavily can gouge the wood. While selecting the cleaning solution, ensure it does not have chlorine or any harmful acid. Otherwise, it can fade off the color of your deck.

3. Apply Stain –

Many prefer to apply paint to their deck, but the best option is to use the Stain. The clear and lightly stained finish can help preserve the wood’s natural look. Whereas heavily pigmented colors show wear and tear more easily and are prone to peeling. Moreover, use a high-quality paint that soaks into the wood easily and does not remain on the surface.

When buying a deck stain, be assured that it is waterproof and not just water-resistant. Also, if you don’t want your deck to fade soon, accept only that Stain that offers protection against UV rays. Buying a paint containing mildewcide can protect your deck from mildew growth.

4. Sealing the Deck –

After staining is done, it is time to seal the deck. But before closing, make sure that the Stain is dry. Also, don’t forget to cover plants and other objects in the surroundings with a tarp to protect them. When sealing the deck, you can apply the sealant with a paintbrush, a sprayer, or a paint roller. The coat of adhesive depends on the brush you use to apply glue. If you want a thick solution layer, go for meetings or rollers.

And if in case you want an easy and quick alternative, then make use of a sprayer. The best practice for the sealant application is first applying the thin coat and then going for the second thick coat if the first one is insufficient. Use a light or small paintbrush in the areas and corners where rollers cannot reach. If you think you cannot maintain the deck efficiently, hiring a deck professional can be the best idea.

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