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How to Create a Blog Post Checklist in WordPress

Everyone makes mistakes when writing weblog posts. That’s why maximum success bloggers run a blog tick list to ensure their articles are in ideal condition. This article will show you how to create a running blog tick list in WordPress to avoid mistakes and speed up your editorial system.

Why Do You Need a Blogging Checklist in WordPress?

Blog PostAs a blogger, you’ll soon broaden your everyday workflow for all articles you publish. If you’re running alone, you definately are completely responsible for catching all the mistakes before a piece of writing goes online. It becomes even more important while operating on a multi-author site. There is continually a threat that someone could forget about something. You would want to check spelling and grammar errors, upload featured photographs, utilize search engine marketing capabilities, agenda posts, etc.

As your web page grows, you’ll add greater pre-submit tasks.

This is where a blogging tick list is available and reachable. It lets you go through all the gadgets you need to test before publishing a submit. This isn’t bestforn catching errors, but it’ll also let you work faster and more effectively. Let’s see how to effortlessly create your weblog and put up a checklist in WordPress for a better editorial workflow.

Adding a Pre-Publish Blog Post Checklist in WordPress

The first factor you want to do is install and activate the Good Writer Checkify plugin. For more info, see our little-by-little guide on how to install a WordPress plugin. Upon activation, you want to visit the Settings » Good Writer Checkify web page to create your checklist.

Blog Post

Create checklist

First, you want to test the box next to the ‘Show Checkboxes in Post/Page-editing’ choice. After that, you could add your checklist item separately. You can add up to 25 objects to your checklist. Once performed, click on the save modifications button to store your changes. Now, create a new published in WordPress. Your wishlist beneath the present editor on the submit edit display.

Blog publish test list under the post editor.

You can check or uncheck gadgets within the list. Make sure you overview the tick list earlier than publishing a post. The plugin does not stop users from publishing a submission. However, it offers a pleasant on-display reminder of all the items you want to check before posting a put-up.

Blog Post Checklist

What Should You Add to Your Blogging Checklist?

The solution virtually depends on your very own editorial workflow and technique. However, a few not unusual tasks can be nearly important to any blogger’s pre-publishing tick list. Our founder, Syed Balkhi, shared his own 14-Point weblog publish tick list that you may use as a resource for growing your own. We desire this article helped you upload a running blog checklist in WordPress. You may additionally need to see our closing listing of the maximum wanted WordPress pointers, hints, and hacks.

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