How to Work More Efficiently At Home During COVID-19

Earlier this year, the outbreak of COVID-19 in all over the world made people can only stay at home. To avoid greater loss resulted from the virus, many companies organized their employees to work from home during this period. Until today, there are still many people who have to work at home instead of returning to routine daily work patterns. Under this situation, it is obvious that many online working tools are facing higher demands by companies as well as employees. So today, I’d like to introduce some kinds of helpful working tools that can boost your working efficiency even you need to work at home.

Communication Platforms

Recommended tools: Facebook, WhatsApp, Zoom, Webex

There are two types of communication platforms that I would like to introduce. The first one should be commonly-used social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, etc. These programs are installed on most people’s devices because they are all very popular social media platforms for both daily chatting and business communications. It would be convenient for people to grasp them because they are the apps that would be used by most people in daily life even without works.


The second types of communication tools that can help maintain the working efficiency should be online meeting platforms. During the COVID-19, people can’t attend meetings face to face, but to communicate with project team members for making big decisions, these kinds of platforms can bring great help. Tools like Zoom, Webex, Facebook Messengers Room bring convenient functions for teams and companies to hold important meetings online. In this way, people can closely keep in touch with their colleagues and improve the working efficiency.


Files Sharing Platforms

Recommended tool: GoogleDrive

For sharing some large documents with colleagues, a reliable file sharing platform can help reduce both the time and effort you should spend on it. A reliable and professional platform that can be used to share files online should be GoogleDrive undoubtedly. After uploading the files to GoogleDrive, users can freely set the sharing Settings on this platform for sharing with specific people they want.

There are two methods to share. One is that users can directly share the file link with others. So people who have the link can access the file easily and no sign-in is required.


Another one is, they can add people for accessing the files with their GoogleDrive account signed in. You can even add a whole group for accessing the files. GoogleDrive brings convenience for online file sharing.


Online Files Editing Collaboration

Recommended tools: Google Docs, Office 365

Sometimes people may need to edit the same documents for completing the content. Instead of transferring the files for more than once, using a tool that can enable people to edit the files together would be wonderful and efficient. Fortunately, we have that kind of tool currently. The big brand Google Docs and Microsoft Office 365 both allow people to collaborate to edit the same documents on the platform. Just by inviting the people through entering their Google or Microsoft accounts, they can access the documents you shared and edit them as they need together with you.


Platforms to Add E-signs Online

Recommended tools: EasePDF, Adobe Acrobat DC, Smallpdf

For businessmen, sometimes they need to sign documents for business purposes. But when they have to work at home, people can not sign a contract on paper directly. So having a tool that can help to sign documents online be more helpful. In most cases, the documents are prepared in PDF format, so using some e-sign tools that can add a signature to PDF files will be practical. This can be easily done because many tools can complete this job online. Just by adding the file to the online PDF e-sign tool, you can add both typed signature and handwriting signature image to the document immediately.



Although COVID-19 has kept people at home, bringing quite a lot of inconvenience to both daily life and work or study, thanks to the development of all kinds of technologies as well as electronic products, people can overcome all the difficulties and easily adapt to the convenience brought by such high-tech development. Therefore, working at home is not a difficult thing for companies anymore. Even you need to maintain all your job requirements at home, you can still improve the working efficiency with so many help online tools. So instead of regarding it as a torture, enjoy the convenience of working at home!