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HTC Evo Design 4G

HTC has constantly popped out with upgraded devices inside the technology market; this time, it’s miles the modern-day HTC handset through HTC Evo Design 4G(Boost Mobile). HTC Evo Design 4G(Boost Mobile) is a Smartphone priced at $299.Ninety-nine. It is powered with 4G records and Android Ice Cream Sandwich (4. Zero model). Let us discover more about this handset in terms of technical factors, digicam exceptional, performance, and design.

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The Design thing

This handset is constructed with a metallic body finish and painted in black. This makes this machine classy; it’s staggering to observe inside at first glance. When you hold it within the palm of your hand, you’ll feel like you’re retaining a premium luxury-class Smartphone. This handset is covered with a clean end around the edges and lower back; this facilitates maintaining the surface free of fingerprints and moisture and is straightforward to grip.

This Smartphone’s light paintbrush (black)lined unibody measuresSmartphonex2.4 x0.Forty-seven inches with a USB port on the left-hand aspect. Although this telephone is compact, the measurement provides the weight and makes it truly bulky. Another component you will immediately notice about this cellphone is the show screen; it offers a reddish tone, which is more like an eyesore to the consumer.

The front top component is established with a 1.3mp digital camera to facilitate video chat and bask in taking a self-shot photograph. This can also double up as a replicate at times, turn on the front digital camera, groom your hair, or repair your makeup if you are a girl. At the lowest, you will discover the basic function buttons, including the standard domestic, lower back, and menu, and seek alternatives for quick admission.

People addicted to listening to tunes on their cellphones will discover a three—5 mm jack for a headphone at the pinnacle. The power button is located on the left side of the cell phone. However, you want to be careful with the volume manipulation control as it’s far delicate to touch; you may effortlessly damage it with harsh management.

At the backside, you will find a 5mp digicam powered with an LED flash to facilitate taking snapshots in the dimly lit environment. The other slots include SIM, battery, and micro SD card character booths. These are hidden at the back of a huge steel band, which means that you may, without problems, take away any of these, in my opinion, without having to open up the entire back cover. Let us now study its capabilities.


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The HTC Evo Design 4G runs on Android Ice Cream Sandwich version 4.0, which brings it on par with different cutting-edge smartphones. Another thrilling element to notice about this handset is the unlocking function; for this, you need to run your finger in a circular movement from the bottom to the top of the display screen to release it. If you need to open an app or a menu displayed on the house screen, tap it simultaneously as unlocking the cell phone; it will open simultaneously. This way, the smartphone is especSmartphoneonsive to the personal touch and is smooth in more than one touch capability.

Initially, when you release the screen, you’ll find seven approaches to customize your home display; right here, you may pick out to preserve the most used icon programs, create shortcuts, and even upload widgets. The UI is consumer-pleasant, consisting of the most popular websites like Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin.

If you’re looking for apps, you may not be able to discover the same old Google apps (Google+, Places, Navigation, Maps, Gmail, and YouTube); however, apps are also provided through HTC. The apps include Footprints, Friend Stream, and Peep; many will help you connect with people online and benefit from a more suitable social media experience. If you are interested in downloading movies, you’ll find HTC Watch, an interesting app to help you download immediately by giving you entry to the HTC video store. You could also hook up with songs and transfer contacts through the Transfer app. All those apps come pre-loaded for user convenience. Fortune enthusiasts, HTC has ready-made shortcuts for online streaming of BET, E!, And MTV.

There is no other wonder for users, the apps supplied by its service emblem Sprint. You can gain entry to Boost’s visual voicemail by signing up for it online. In addition, if you are attempting to find a selected shop in your area, you could achieve this via BoostZone, offering you special records.

Camera Quality

HTC has provided the 5mp camera with Flash, but the photograph satisfaction is not superb or even the best. The disadvantage is the lack of sharpness, vehicle recognition that takes a few seconds to focus on an item, and the auto-store feature that takes some more seconds to keep the photo in the gallery. Due to the negative digital performance, the pix shot in dim light will not be spectacular or easy to seize. HTC lacks a lifelike image and colors compared to other camera telephones. The color tones seem saturated with a yellow tinge. However, if you are shooting in a relaxed mild, the pictures captured may be vibrant, and the colors will come out much higher.

The video captured with the 5mp digital camera is much higher than the photos captured. Including various scene modes, Action Burst, Panorama, and Backlight (HDR), the person will be extremely joyful with the first-class video seize. It is straightforward to take 720p HD video.

HTC Evo Design 4G Performance

Although HTC Evo Design 4G (Boost Mobile) runs on the CDMA community, the voice is poor. The customers could be dissatisfied to discover that the voice of the caller on the other gives up sounds horse; however, to substitute it, users have the choice of an earphone plugin; this, fortunately, solves the trouble of voice clarity and the sound quantity is relaxed to pay attention.

This device uses a 1.2 GHz processor (unmarried core), disappointing the generation geeks. This single-center processor adversely affects the phone’s performance, leaving the user with apps loading slower. It also lacks easy navigation when navigating via the home display menu. If you are trying to download a record, you can obtain 5.73Mbps up to a first-rate 9MBps velocity. If you take pleasure in importing a report or some content material, you’ll get a speed of 0.33Mbps.

The verdict

HTC Evo Design 4G 3

The most substantive issue about this Smartphone is its smartphone tag of $299, which is pricey for an average person. The steel finish and the strong frame are superb; it exudes the feeling of owning a chic telephone. It may be stated that the look and experience probably stand out because of the most eye-catching thing about this cellphone. However, the technology is no longer up to speed as it adversely impacts performance and results in slow processing. The picture best is marred by using the bad digicam performance compared to its rival handsets.

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