You have prepared your manuscript and are prepared to e-submit. Now you want to understand the way to prepare your book pix and add your Kindle ebook cover to the Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing machine. There are two covers you will need: the Product Cover and the Internal eBook Cover. The quality document format is JPG, which is appropriate for publishing both the product and internal cowl image.

Kindle Direct Publishing will convert your images and textual content for addition to the Amazon Kindle Store, in addition, to display on Kindles and other supported gadgets. Kindle Direct Publishing can technique your ebook covers inside the following formats:

The great codecs to apply for the internal Kindle ebook cover is a JPG or GIF photograph, 127 KB* size at three hundred dpi. This will provide sufficient clarity for pix, in particular for massive pix, or content with gradient patterns. But you also don’t need the ebook report length to turn out to be too huge.

*Amazon recommends a 127K size for book covers. “The largest detail of virtually any Kindle e-book might be the photograph content material. Inside your ebook report, the Kindle e-book layout supports JPEG and GIF pix up to 127KB in length. Images that are in different codecs supported for add to KDP (inclusive of BMP or PNG), or that exceed this record length requirement, might be mechanically recompressed as JPEG files for the duration of the conversion method. Optimizing your pics to healthy those requirements before importing to KDP will help decrease the scale of your uploaded document. It can even lessen the risk of encountering problems in conversion due to the big document length.” HOWEVER once the reader has bought your e-book, the Internal eBook cover is a moot point — they will move and look at your e-book cover, but most do not.

Image Processing

If you choose to upload your Word (.Document) report, and you have embedded images on your content, Kindle Direct Publishing routinely extracts photos from the content and replaces them with an HTML img tag. This system converts each image to a separate photograph record, which turns into a part of your content’s ebook package deal (MOBI)

Note: Images do now not display as it should be while you preview an uploaded document. For example, large pix may additionally resize or rotate whilst previewed. If your e-book has lots of photos, it may be viewed in shade by the Kindle Fire or with the aid of readers the use of our free Kindle apps for PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone, Android, and Windows 7 gadgets. Otherwise, understand that photos on Kindle (except the Fire) are displayed in 16 sunglasses of gray for exceptional comparison and readability.

The Product Display Book Cover

The product display cowl is the photo that resides on the digital bookshelf inside the Amazon Kindle Store. It has to be 72 dpi and I advocate a JPG document. I normally create the product cover from the 600 x 800 Internal book cowl. The product photograph wishes to be crisp, sharp, and does now not need to be any larger the 127K, but, Kindle Direct Publishing accepts varieties of files for product display cowl pix:

Color attracts attention so use shade photos on every occasion feasible and relevant. The Kindle Fire offers extraordinary coloration readability, so use color pictures to your e-book. Although the alternative Kindle studying gadgets have a black and white screen, Amazon has Kindle apps for other devices, consisting of iPhone or PC, which takes advantage of shade fonts and images. All pictures at the Web display using RGB (pink, inexperienced, blue) shade mode, that’s the color mode local to the Web and many color screen shows. Combinations of these 3 colorations at varying levels of intensity create over 16 million colors.

You are almost achieved. On this web page you’ll want to reconfirm Content Rights and click “Save and Publish” at the lowest of the display screen. Changes will take effect at the net website within 24 hours. NOTE: The previewed picture serves most effective as a placeholder while your e-book completes the publishing method. The publishing procedure can take about 24 hours (longer if they may be backed up). So be affected, person.

When to Publish

Planning in advance is fine, so in case you need your e-book to be live and equipped for getting by means of a positive date, then pre-prepare your ebook publishing statistics lengthy earlier than you plan to put up. The book sits in “Draft” mode until you submit. Just make sure you change the date at the book earlier than you put up. If you commenced the manner in March 2011, and subsequently put up in July, the March date could be used. When working to your e-book, in case you don’t have a product photo Kindle will add a placeholder picture to the Amazon detail page for your eBook. DO NOT LEAVE IT THAT WAY! Although the Kindle placeholder incorporates the title of your e-book and the first contributor name you entered, it’s miles a regularly occurring e-book cowl. While ANY cowl produces a better consumer revel in than displaying a message that an image is not available, nothing can beat a nicely designed and attractive e-book cowl.