The deputy Black Stars educate believes the kingdom might be properly represented while nominees for the 2018 Caf Awards are announced
Ghana assistant train Maxwell Konadu desires the state to be most of the leading contenders while nominees for the 2018 Caf Awards Gala are unveiled following a poor presence in the imminent event.

Hosts of the January four collecting in Accra, Ghana could be represented in only one class following the statement of the final list of nominees on Monday.

Ghana had candidates in the jogging for awards however the variety eventually reduced to at least one because the lady U-20 facet remains the surviving contenders.
“It is quite disappointing however a few years lower back, we had been dominating,” Konadu informed Ghana Web


“Now that the pendulum has shifted, we should guy up and bounce back come subsequent year.

“We have quite a few kids which can be presently doing definitely properly, but like I said, they’re young so that they need to make certain they put inside the paintings to enable them advantage nominations.

“I consider Ghana will quickly get better.”


The female’s under-20 side was shortlisted for the Women’s National Team of The Year prize, along with Nigeria’s U-20 and South Africa’s senior side.

Ghana U-17 captain Eric Ayiah failed to make the final cut for the Youth Player of The Year award.

History: The Interesting Questions Are Often “Why?” Questions


Let’s face it, we’d all rather be sofa-potatoes relaxing than busting our chops doing hard work! We’d all rather be lazy and sleep in – what a luxury. That’s why we all love weekends and vacations, proper? Of direction, there are simply times while the ‘ends’ – the necessities of life – justify the tough work ‘method’. I suggest plenty of people go to all kinds of hardships in search of buried treasure, like say at Oak Island, or diving for sunken Spanish treasure ships, to traipsing after the Lost Dutchman Mine. Get-wealthy-short is a ‘why’ motive if ever there has been one!

Then to the difficult paintings in building your house or plowing the fields due to the fact you need to fill your stomach is understandable. There’s an apparent advantageous reason for the creation of bridges, roads, tunnels, railroads, airports and any and all different infrastructure that offerings transport. There’s incentive to constructed arenas for the game (just like the Roman Colosseum or Yankee Stadium), considering recreation is an interest that we adore to take part in, despite the fact that simply as a spectator.

But then too, even in relation to the necessities, one tends to do the minimum required to obtain the desired consequences. I suggest digging a grave 7000 years in the past wasn’t easy, but the purpose, heading off the stink and decaying visuals and fitness dangers of a decomposing frame became possibly an inexpensive alternate-off, especially if the corpse had a few sentimental cost. On the opposite hand, they did not go to the additional effort and dig a 12-foot grave when 6 ft under sufficed! That’s genuine in modern times as properly. So there are limits to ‘why’ and motivations.

Of route current generation takes a whole lot of them certainly, actual difficult exercise session of constructing skyscrapers, huge dams, nuclear strength stations, and so forth., (and except one receives paid for his or her labour) so let’s alternatively go back-back to a time while there has been no such excessive-technology to assist and simplicity the burden, like grave-digging 7000 years ago.

The motivation or the ‘why’ question is easily spoke back whilst provided with examples, like treasure looking or digging graves or filling your belly. But it’s now not constantly the case. Yet possibly it must be. Motive across time and space need to be comprehensible to us – we are now not that a long way removed in time and space from our historic ancestors. The ancient peoples, societies, cultures that are additionally component and parcel of these ‘why’ or cause problems are the precise identical kind of people as you and I; the equal ‘gray matter’; the identical IQ’s; the identical reasoning powers. If ‘why’ X returned then did such and such, it must replicate why we might do the identical in the right here and now. If there’s no such connection, then possibly we have actual bona-fide anomalies to bear in mind.

‘Motive, way and opportunity’ are regularly stated in whodunit homicide mysteries. In the context of this essay, it is the ’cause’ bit it truly is the important thing. That ‘why’ question. Often though, although there is a motive, the resulting something is often over-the-top. The Egyptian tombs say the ones constructed inside the Valley of the Kings, are often manner above and beyond what became truly necessary to be able to secure reasonable goods and services and afterlife area for the dearly departed pharaoh. But back to everyday motivation and a few examples of actual lifestyles puzzlements.

Lots of books and articles (even websites) are full of the ‘how’ questions, as in ‘how’ did the ancient Egyptians constructed the pyramids at Giza? ‘How’ were the one’s Easter Island statues constructed, transported and erected? ‘How’ can human beings construct the ‘crop circles’ in short-clever time frames within the dead of night time? But frequently a far greater difficult query is the ‘why’ question, at least tough once you subtract a survival, financial, private glory, and prison, or maybe a curiosity (scientific) motive. Let’s start with that more current example earlier than journeying returned in time – crop circles.

Crop Circles (England): Let’s count on that the ever ongoing crop circle phenomena, especially however now not solely British, are one hundred% the paintings of human beings and all are hoaxes. I imply there may be virtually intelligence in the back of the construction, so Mother Nature has to take an again seat in this example. Now whether or not searching at photos of many large and complicated geometric ‘circles’, or higher but, undertaking on-site visitations, the visuals should monitor to every person the big quantities of effort and time that went into making them. What’s the purpose? Well, it honestly cannot be a personal reward, a pat at the lower back to your time and efforts, private fame unfold ways and near on TV or in newspaper headlines – you call in print, a long way much less economic benefit. Constructing crop circles – hoaxes – doesn’t put meals on your belly or placed a roof over your head or assist you together with your CV/resume when searching for employment. In reality, if the powers-that-be discern out whodunit, and whodunit changed into you, then your ‘praise’ should effortlessly be a hefty high-quality and/or jail time. The ‘why’ question inside the case of ‘crop circles’ isn’t effortlessly replied by way of any means assuming human hoaxes.

There are several examples, like crop circles, which are apparently useless buildings, but which required getting our all-loving sofa-potato butts off said couches and into ‘blood, sweat and tears’ mode. For example, the Nazca Lines in Peru.

Nazca Lines (Peru): The ‘how’, as in how the Nazca Lines had been made; the construction of those famous pictograms is a no-brainer. Any archaeological textual content will without problems explain the ‘how’. The ‘why’ query then again, however, isn’t so effortlessly solvable. Why go to any amount of time, attempt, and energy to assemble pix within the dust which could best be seen and liked from the air? This becomes a time when there was no methods and method of any contemporaries of these Nazca Line production workers being capable of view the one’s pix from the air. It would seem like wasted attempt. For peoples living in harsh surroundings like the Nazca Plains, efforts just could not be wasted on the frivolous. Nevertheless, the blood, sweat, and tears to draw the pictograms were though supplied.