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Is Your Newly Replaced Fireplace Ugly? Here Are the Solutions

It’s been a few weeks since you and your partner replaced the old fireplace in your home. But now you’re noticing that something is off. The new fireplace is not as beautiful as when you first started exploring home renovations. Well, don’t worry! This article will give you a few ideas on how to make that fireplace look stunning again.

Newly Replaced Fireplace

Find Your Fireplace Style

Do you need a fire for warmth? If so, then your best option is probably an insert. This type of fireplace is designed to fit inside an existing fireplace opening. They come in various styles, sizes, and prices to suit most budgets. Some types of inserts even have electric starters. Is Your Newly Replaced Fireplace Ugly?

If you’re looking for a new fireplace, finding out how your neighbors feel about your style choice is important. No matter how much taste or talent you think you have, if they don’t like what you picked out, they may not want to buy anything from you in the future.

Accessorize With Colors

An old fireplace can be difficult to update. The best thing to do is to add a new coat of paint. Choose colors that match the room or incorporate the color of your new furniture to create a cohesive look. Adding plants, artwork, and throws will make the new fireplace feel cozy.

Do You Still Have the Old Fireplace? When you buy new fireplace material and put it in your old fireplace, it looks unfinished. There are two options to finish the look.

1. Use paint to cover all your old fireplace material.

2. Start from scratch and build your fireplace from the ground up. These options work best for brick, concrete, wood, or stone fireplaces.

Give The Room A Makeover

If you just replaced your fireplace, it is important to ensure that it looks great and has the right environmental stone coverings. With so many options, it is easy to miss out on the perfect combination of stones. Here are some tips to help you find what you need for the perfect look.

1. Examine your fireplace size. The ideal size for a fireplace is 14 square feet. If you have a larger firebox, consider adding to the hearth size with a small piece of mantel in front of the firebox.

This can create the illusion of a larger room, and as far as you are concerned, the extra space is an instant improvement. Consider adding a surround to the hearth if you have a smaller fireplace.

Get the “Green” Look

When you upgrade your fireplace, you will have to replace the mortar, which will be ugly and green. For a beautiful look, hiring a professional to replace your fireplace is best.

If you are handy, consider replacing the mortar yourself.

1. Remove the old mortar from the fireplace walls and hearth. The cannon may come off easily depending on how long your home has been in the house and whether it is new or existing.

Use a small trowel or butter knife to loosen it. Then, scrape the mortar from the walls.

2. Using sand, lime, and water, use commercial epoxy to replace the mortar or make your own at home.

Go Bigger

There are many great solutions for fireplaces that have been replaced but that don’t match the existing décor or style. The first step is to find the right product and determine what finish will work best for your home.

Outdoor Fireplaces

Many options can work well, whether you want a wood-burning fire or an outdoor fireplace. Even more can be added as needed to create your ideal outdoor space.

Keep It Simple

If you’ve recently replaced your fireplace and it’s not to your liking, don’t fret! There are a few simple solutions to the aesthetic problem you’re facing. One is to fill the old surround with drywall or plaster, making the new surround look more finished. Another option is to remove the existing surround entirely; this will save on cost and time. Keep It Simple: -Fill the old surround with drywall or plaster. -Remove the

existing surround entirely. Make It Clean: -Remove all the old hardware and wood trim. -Fix any loose or damaged trim with new wood screws and finish nails.

Find Your Fireplace Style

Many homeowners want their newly replaced fireplaces to look like the old ones. The problem is that this usually means the fireplace sticks out like a sore thumb. However, some tricks can blend the fireplace with the rest of the living space. Finding the perfect fireplace for your home is as easy as flicking your wrist. I want to feel the warmth of a fireplace in every room of my house. He finds it as easy as looking into a mirror. She found the perfect match on the first try.

Wood or Stone?

Is your newly replaced fireplace ugly? Here are the solutions. Wood is a good option if you prefer the look of a natural flame and the smell of wood smoke. However, if you plan to use a gas or electric fireplace, it may be best to install stone because it can take on many shapes and colors to fit your desired style.

Add a Heater

When considering how to make a newly installed or old fireplace look nicer, purchasing a new fireplace heater is the best solution. This will save you from having to remove the fireplace, and it will also provide you with an ample amount of heat when needed.

It may not be as comfortable to the touch, but it is warmer.

Wall Placement

If your newly replaced fireplace sticks out like a sore thumb, then a few solutions can help hide it and add a sense of beauty to your home.

You can conceal the fireplace by adding a curtain. This gives the illusion that your fireplace is covered up when it is hidden behind the curtain.

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