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Progress Software preliminary earnings and revenue beat,

Progress Software Corp. PRGS, +4. Fifty-three suggested preliminary third-sector earnings and sales that beat expectations early Tuesday and raised its quarterly dividend by 12%. Earnings in step with proportion are expected to be 23 cents, and altered EPS is projected to be 48 cents. The FactSet EPS consensus is forty-two cents. Revenue is anticipated to be $97—three million before the FactSet consensus of $958 million.

The corporation raised its quarterly dividend to fourteen cents in line with the proportion from 12.5 cents in step with the percentage. This dividend will be paid on December 15 to shareholders of record as of December 1. In a letter to shareholders, Chief Executive Yogesh Gupta said Progress Software has determined that making an acquisition was “not within the quality interest of Progress or its stakeholders.


On August 2, Praesidium filed a Schedule 13D filing with hints for Progress and an acquisition of a third party. The business enterprise will officially announce third-zone income on September 27. Progress stocks were halted in premarket trading, then rose 2.6% while trading resumed. The inventory is up 7.8% for the 12 months so far. The S&P 500 index SPX, +zero.29%, is up eleven.1% for the length.

Internet and computing technologies have changed how business processes and data are handled. So many innovative business solutions have empowered every industry with more effective and efficient process management. The real estate industry is among the areas that have benefited from the latest advancements. Property owners and managers can now enjoy property management software to automate all complex processes and save human effort and time.

Property management software eliminates the hassle of handling rental properties, bringing inaccuracy. When you have the right software, you will add significant value to property investment, which is now a preference for most business groups and individuals. If you are a real estate manager or owner and have not started using property management software, here are a few reasons to consider getting the best software solution.

1. The software offers real-time information access


Most property management solutions are cloud-based, meaning you can easily access information and important data in real time. As a property manager or owner, you do not have to be present at the office to see what software data is there. All important data and information are collated in one place and remain available at any time and place, making accessibility and data management very simple.

2. Property management software offers more security

This is especially true regarding preliminary data that revenue your Software considers confidential. When you have the right solution, you can rest assured that all your data remains secure. Most software development companies build a comprehensive secured environment, including recovery and backup modules, firewalls, and encryption.

3. It offers you excellent scalability

With advanced management software for your property, you will easily cater to all property sizes. You can start with minimal features for smaller parcels and then expand further, upgrade, and make any relevant enhancements to the software to cater to the needs of a bigger property. It simply means that management software for real estate will grow easily as your business requirements and needs grow, so you do not have to make any replacements for the solution you already have.

4. Management software for property saves money


It may not be free, but it cannot be compared to employee and workforce wages you would need to handle without the right software. The software remains more cost-effective in the short and long term, allowing you to save huge amounts as you manage the property. You can also get a complete software package of your choice, or you can opt out of some subscription options you do not find useful for your property.

5. It saves time

Property management software automates complex processes, duties, and tasks that would have required lots of workforce and time. What that you can do with your software in an hour cannot be compared with how long human attention would use to complete the same tasks.

The best property management software in Dubai should be easy to use, customize, and scale


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