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Remembering Mahakavi Bharathiyar: The forgotten warrior poet from Tamil Nadu

A poet never To Forget, Vice-president Venkaiah Naidu wrote in an essay on Bharathi: “He implemented the information of the illustrious beyond to present-day realities and dreamt of shaping a new brighter future, he became a man with exceptional imaginative and prescient, passion and erudition.” He wasn’t astray. The occasion changed to him awarding DR Karthikeyan the Bharathi award for his contributions to Bharathi’s delivery anniversary.

In the kingdom, Bharathi’s birthday is overshadowed by using Rajinikanth’s birthday, which the teenagers of the kingdom prefer to have fun. Historically, his contributions had been marginalized within the nation way to his caste, due to which he turned into sidelined in favor of other poets. At the countrywide stage, not like Rabindranath Tagore, who could not be brushed aside way to his Nobel prize and the fact that his poem is the countrywide anthem though he was a local poet, Bharathi had little to reveal for outdoor his run as a journalist, poet, freedom fighter, social reformer, student and, peculiarly, a patriot who dreamt for the destiny of the country.

Born as Subbaiah Pillai to a patriotic father who wanted his son to grow to be an engineer, who should assignment the would possibly of the technical know-how of the British, Bharathi became more inquisitive about songs and poetry. He got the name Bharathi (someone blessed with the aid of Saraswati) from Ettayapuram Maharaja when he was eleven years vintage. He had a great love for languages. His stay in Varanasi opened his thoughts to spirituality and nationalism.

He additionally took up social reformation upon seeing the plight of the human beings of “decrease castes.” He left his Hindu Brahmin identity in Varanasi, and it fees him dearly in his lifetime — it ostracised him from his community. It induced him to be alienated from others as nicely. To Brahmins, he wasn’t certainly one of their personal; to non-Brahmins, he was a Brahmin; to people in preferred, Bharathi became uncategorized.

His assembly with Sister Nivedita, Swami Vivekananda’s disciple, brought women’s rights to his already extensive repertoire of social issues from caste to Independence to spiritualism. He took up the symbolism of Shakthi as the image of modern girls; powerful, sturdy, unbiased, and equal partners to guys.

He started out working as a journalist and started publishing his writings within the shape of prose and poetry regularly and addressing public conferences to garner help for the Independence moment — gaining a following and admiration inside the system. He is stated to have met Gandhi, who invited him as a visitor speaker. When the dates didn’t tally, in contrast to the norm than in which they moved the dates, he refused to announce that human beings are greater critical and they should now not be disenchanted with the postponement of the assembly. Gandhi has asked to defend this man who stood for what’s proper in place of the who’s who.

Having realized that being in jail might no longer be tons help in his mission, he escaped to Pondicherry, the underground vacation spot for freedom warring parties, and endured to paintings from there. His Panchali Sabatham (The vow of Draupadi) is an iconic work that pictures India as Draupadi, the British, the Kauravas, and the liberty fighters as Pandavas. Through Draupadi’s conflict, he euphemized the warfare of mother India underneath British rule.

His poetry becomes, but not restrained to just nationalism or girls’ emancipation but also covered an extensive spectrum, including romance, devotion, environment, untouchability, and the future of India. He dreamt of an India where all of the states cherished their language even as cherishing different languages and cultures. Interest in Bharathi and his poetry became kept alive thanks to the latter’s use as songs in Tamil films. The poet-freedom fighter himself become revived thanks to the National Award-prevailing movie Bharathi by Gnana Rajasekaran, starring Sayaji Shinde.

It becomes a travesty that only 14 humans attended his funeral, fearing repercussion from the British and caste ostracisation. The larger travesty became him getting sidelined with the arrival of the Dravidian second within the state, which changed into founded on Anti-Brahminism. However, the biggest travesty changed into the overlooking of the contributions of numerous nearby freedom warring parties across the states in favor of a choice few to suit the narrative of political events.

Who Is a Poet? Hundreds of Definitions, All Are Beautiful!


Who is a Poet? If you want to recognize, there are masses of definitions. Also, you can discover some of the reasons regarding their works, attitudes, and poetic imaginations. The excellent Tamil poet Kamban says a poem must have three features. First, it has to have brightness. Brightness to power away from the darkness from the reader’s heart, and he needs to be enlightened. Second, it should have a lucid fashion with beautiful phrases attracting the reciter. And through its contents and meaning, it must take the reader to a new top. He must flow within the 7th heaven!

Another Tamil Poet, Desikavinayakam Pillai, says any poem should come from the coronary heart. It has to take a pleasant shape. And lucidly, it must have lovely Tamil phrases. G. Bottomly consents with this view saying that poetry is founded at the hearts of guys. The amazing poet Subramanya Bharathiyar says his career is ‘Poem.’ He wants to flood the kingdom with his poems without losing even a 2nd to elevate all of the blinds that are slumbering, closing their eyes, mind, and heart, not capable of loving their Motherland.

According to Emerson, The poet is not any permissive potentate but is emperor in his personal right. He additionally says there have been by no means poets who had no longer the heart within the right place. Whatever comes from their heart is very valuable. Plato gives the cause for this. Plato says that Poets utter exceptional and sensible matters which they do now not themselves understand. Shelley broadcasts that the Poets are the unacknowledged legislators of the arena.

Dillon says that True poets are the guardians of the state.


Thomas Carlyle opines that Poet is a heroic parent belonging to every age. J.E. Flecker says that the poet’s commercial enterprise isn’t always to keep the soul of man but to make it really worth saving. Emerson gives a glorious tribute to all the poets saying that Poets are freeing Gods and the poets who have lived in cities had been hermits nevertheless.

When Isaak says that a poet is the soul painter, E.H. Chapin pronounces that the proper poet is very near the oracle. Great poets inspired their people via their songs. Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyay’s poem ‘Vandematharam’ echoed each corner and corner of India. All the thirty-crore Indians united collectively opposed British rulemaking a song this song. They got their freedom also.

Wordsworth did no longer understand at the start what would the poem ‘Daffodils’ deliver to him. But afterward, he found out that ‘For oft when on my couch I lie, In vacant or in pensive mood, They flash upon that inward eye, Which is the bliss of solitude, And then my heart with delight fills, And dances with the Daffodils’. Oh! The delight a poem brings to us is incomparable and could not even be equated to the pleasures of heaven!



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