Sony is making an investment in Acutronic Robotics‘ Series A round, thru its Sony Innovation Fund. Sony will even undertake Acutronic’s Hardware Robot Operating System (H-ROS), for use in its very own robotics division, the corporation says. This investment follows funding with the aid of DARPA in Acutronic’s platform, which aims to grow to be an enterprise preferred for robotics additives from across hardware and software program providers.

Acutronic becomes installation in 2016 and offers a manner to permit



additives to integrate into new robotics structures without problems with equipped-made compliance with industry and commercial standards for clean deployment. The idea is to take out a number of the greater complicated base degree steps in the direction of deploying robotics in industry and the workplace, with a focal point on constructing robots which might be each reusable across programs and reconfigurable to in shape unique purposes.

The length of the Sony investment or Acutronic’s Series A spherical turned into no longer disclosed. But Sony’s strategic use of the platform in its own operations, and DARPA’s earlier investment advice there’s a variety of interest on this answer for unifying a fractured robotics landscape

The Holy Spirit uses time in His own way, based on your needs, your level of readiness, and your ability to shift over to right-minded perception. Remember, the Holy Spirit will use ego devices and ego-based thoughts when He finds them useful for your benefit.

Any waste of time you sense is your identification with the ego, which uses the time for destruction. The ego will use a time to convince you that there is not enough of it and that anything at all you do experience will come to an end.

That Instant

Have you ever had an instant when you felt as though you had no cares, no worries, no anxieties, and were quiet and perfectly calm? Or, as I often ask, since your understanding of the ego-based thought system have you ever had an instant, however brief it may have been when you decided to accept the ego as the illusion it is?

I mean just an instant where you accepted time and the material world as not real? I mean just looking at the ego in you and not judging it, just noticing it for the nothingness that it is. When you look at the ego in yourself you are shining your natural inner light on the darkness that is and the ego begins fading away.

The Holy Spirit’s goal is to help you be more consistent in these holy instants without interruption from the ego. In time, these instants will lengthen. When you are able to learn only from the Holy Spirit it becomes a miracle, and you will be a consistent learner no longer needing time to live your true free will.

An OS is installed on the computers’ hard disk, inside an area called hard disk partition. There are several ways for installing a new operating system. The installation method is based on the system hardware and end-user requirements. Generally, you have four basic options for the installation of a new operating system:

Clean Installation Acutronic  Sony  hardware

We can perform a clean installation on a new computer or in those cases






where there is no upgrade path between the current operating system and the new one. This type of installation deletes all data on the hard disk’s partition where the current operating system is installed. A new PC requires, of course, a clean installation. You can also do a clean install when the current operating system installation has corrupted files or does not work properly.

Upgrade Installation

Sometimes, it is also possible to perform an upgrade. When you perform an upgrade, OS configuration settings, installed programs and data are preserved. With this installation, you have nothing to worry about because you will not lose any personal data. You will just replace the old operating system files with the new, upgraded files. However, keep in mind that after the upgrade the applications and drivers that are incompatible with the new OS will not work as expected.

Multi-boot Installation

Another option is to install multiple operating systems on a single computer. You can install each OS on a different disk partition and this way every OS will have its own files and configuration settings. On multi-boot installations, the users see a menu when they open their computers and they have to select the desired OS. Of course, only one operating system can run at a time.


This is the relatively new technique that is often used on servers. With virtualization, we can run numerous copies of an operating system on a single set of hardware and create this way several virtual machines. Every single virtual machine works like a separate computer. This technology makes a single physical hardware resource to appear like multiple logical resources.

Before starting any operating system installation you have to make sure that all the hardware is certified to work with the new operating system. Also, confirm that the hardware resources meet the minimum installation requirements. Moreover, when you perform an upgrade it is a very good practice to perform a virus scan before starting the installation and a complete full backup of all your personal data.

One method that helps you protect your data is this: Create multiple




partitions on the hard disk and install a different OS on each partition. Then copy all your data inside an empty partition that does not contain an OS. This way you can upgrade the operating system without the risk of losing any data. Backup and recovery of data files are also easier with this design.

It is also important to decide the type of file system to use. The file system controls how the OS stores and tracks the files. There are several different file systems available. The most well-known are FAT 32, NTFS, HPFS, ext2, and ext3. Every operating system is designed to use one or more of these file systems. There are advantages and disadvantages of every file system. Careful consideration should be made to the type of file systems supported by the selected OS and the benefits of each.

You can find several programs to modify the partitioning structure and file system of a hard drive after installation, but it is better to avoid them if possible. When modifying either the file system or partition structure on a hard drive, data loss may result. Careful planning can help preserve the integrity of the data.

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