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Wednesday, October 28, 2020

high definition

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High Definition DVD – The Format War’s Second Act

Once again, there's a generation format warfare looming at the horizon. Many people do not remember the VHS - Betamax warfare that broke out...
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Big news for PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch gamers

Technology hoarding Brits who've stockpiled their antique gaming consoles might be sitting on hundreds of kilos, in step with new research. And with a large...
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Sony PlayStation 4 gamers getting this Microsoft Xbox

While there’s been no information for Nintendo Switch fanatics, Sony PlayStation 4 game enthusiasts will quickly get to play a identity that changed into...

Xbox One gaming is about to become even more PC

Speaking on the Pax West Expo, Mike Ybarra, the Corporate Vice President of Xbox and Windows gaming, said the feature would be added quickly. He...

The shocking searches found on the computer of Chiron Hutchinson

A former public schoolboy accused of more than one sex attacks on 4 young women, inclusive of in Tunbridge Wells, had net searches on...