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Monday, February 1, 2021


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PC Slow? How I Keep Myself Sober and Make My Computer Faster

Is your PC sluggish? Mine is, and it makes me definitely loopy, with a capital C! There truly is nothing quite like the hair-pulling...
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Must Read

Maharashtra beef ban law

TWO YEARS after BJP-ruled Maharashtra government   made consumption and transportation of red meat in the kingdom unlawful, there has been a sharp decline in the...
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Man arrested for son-in-law’s murder

Perur Police have arrested 60-year-old C.   Vellingiri of Vanniyar Street, Karadimadai, on expenses of murdering his son-in-regulation C. Mayan (36) on Sunday. The police...

Parental-notification law appears

Minors had almost one-1/3 fewer abortions in an Illinois     medical institution in the yr after the nation enacted a parental-notification regulation, in keeping with new...


The hallmark of a wholesome democracy is the guideline of regulation. And what's this rule of regulation? Equal rights to all, special privileges to none....