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Thursday, October 22, 2020


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Elegant Jewelry and Fashion Accessories For Women

At the prevailing time, elegant outfits, fashion adorns and ultimately the fashion add-ons make the girls' wardrobe series comprehensive for grace, fashion, and beauty....

Online Dating Tips for Men

Dating Tip #1 - If you speak to a lady online who seems too true to be real, then you may anticipate that she...
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Beginner’s travel checklist: Naija style

For the first time a few months in the past, I visited the UK. I sincerely concept I had the whole thing found out...
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Of what use is getting married?

Yes, you read that properly. I am a young girl in my mid-twenties and I assume I can correctly say that marriage is manner...

This blogger got so real about motherhood, saying, “it sucks sometimes”

Here’s no doubt that parenthood is one of the most incredible studies in the world. However, no person will deny that it comes with...

Crowd ‘cheer like they’re at a beach party

Crowd 'cheer like they're at a beach party' as Saudi blogger is lashed 50 instances work cheers and chants 100 cheers for cheerleading. Ensaf Haidar, a wife...