Something Navy blogger Arielle Charnas already has one million followers watching her each circulate on Instagram. And sure, it’s mainly because of her cautious curation of style’s current developments, conventional style and the internal take a look at all of the get right of entry to she receives as an outstanding influencer. But, Charles wouldn’t have this type of dependable following if it wasn’t for her authenticity and transparency.


Followers are capable of seeing her everyday life along with her husband



baby, and currently, Charnas spread out even extra on her Instagram. It changed into all about that taboo difficulty: money.

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“Not certain why any of this is meant to be a secret or isn’t pointed out,” she published on her Instagram Stories. “This is how bloggers make cash. It’s a contract job. You never understand while you’ll receive a commission, so it’s critical to be smart approximately the way you manipulate your profits. It’s also essential to be smart approximately the initiatives you are taking on.”


Many surprises how these social media influencers certainly receive a



commission and others marvel if bloggers and influencers will promote pretty much something to make a brief greenback. When it comes all the way down to earning profits, Charnas is apparent about the reality that she simplest works with brands she likes.

“I don’t want to lose the agree with of my fans. I don’t need my followers to invest in things which can be a waste or a sh-tty product/service. I care and like what I sell, even if a few can also pick to agree with in any other case. As a group, we make the decisions of what we need to share/sell on my web page, and also you guys are constantly what we’re thinking about whilst making the one’s selections,” she wrote on Instagram.

The term blogger became popular in the late 1990s and the success stories of people in this field led many to consider how to become a professional in blogging. There is a general impression that it is easy to become a pro blogger but the truth of the matter is it is as hard as any effort wanting to earn the decent income. For some people however blogging is a passion and the money that goes with it comes only as secondary.

Just like any endeavor, there are requisites to become a professional blogger. Anybody can be a blogger but to be known in this field, you must consider the following.

You must Reveals  love to write Blogger  Followers 

The passion to write must be there, to begin with. It should not be just a spur of the moment desire to go online and create a website. Every blogging website you see that ranks well in search engines has great contents in it. Contents are written words that attract visitors.

Start with your expertise

You must have an expertise or at least experience in what you will be writing about. So many bloggers just write about anything under the sun since it is easy to research information on the internet and rewrite ideas of other people. Although it is also one way to go, it is hard to be recognized as a professional blogger if there is obviously no expert on the subjects being written.

Study SEO

There are some professional bloggers who made it without really concentrating much on using SEO techniques. They are the elite few who have focused on a niche that happens to be their expertise and easily earned natural traffic to their site. But they are a special class of bloggers who mostly have a strong offline network. To be sure, you have to study at least the basics of SEO to become a professional blogger.

Set-up a website


Get a domain name and register it so you can have an identity for your website. Some bloggers start with a free platform but if you want to become a professional in this field, you have to start with a paid website.

Monetize your site

A professional blogger is one who earns from the blog website that he puts up. One cannot be called a professional if he is not earning from what he does and this is also true in the case of blogging. There are a lot of ways to monetize a website and it is just a matter of choosing the best for your site.

The term professional blogger actually has no clear cut definition. One may think that he is a professional but others may think otherwise. But the common barometer to be called one is the ability to attract lots of unique visitors to the site as well as the income potential.

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So whether it’s getting paid via posting products, collaborations or operating with affiliate packages, Charnas breaks it down on how it all works:

“We make cash primarily based on collaborations,” she stated. “If there may be a brand we adore/use/love, they pay a rate for a guaranteed mention of their products or services. Our organization receives the check, they take a price after which they pay us. And for me personally, once I get my check, I placed 1/2 of it in for taxes, and every other chew away for my loan and then I pay my employees and a nanny [who] allows me with my daughter.”

She also referred to a selected affiliate program — like to know.It — that will pay bloggers. She said, “When we wear an outfit and every body desires to understand wherein to buy it, we percentage a hyperlink that gives us a commission from the sales of that object.”