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Writing Your First (Kindle) eBook – 6 DOs 3 DON’Ts

The following are some dos and don’ts if you’re taking into account writing (and publishing) an ebook for the primary time. My enjoyment comes from writing & publishing two books on Amazon Kindle, plus I’ve shared a few expertise received from others who have an extraordinary deal extra experience with eBooks & Kindle, such as Sean Roach and Ryan Deiss.

Writing Your First (Kindle) eBook - 6 DOs 3 DON'Ts 1

According to a senior Google govt, Amazon is the organization that they worry about most. Amazon has over 400 million credit cards registered with them. No one else comes close. Why is Google so concerned? It’s that Amazon attracts shoppers no longer browsers.

When it comes to eBooks, Amazon’s digital publishing arm, Kindle, is one of the most effective forces inside the commercial enterprise. There at the moment are over one hundred million black and white Kindle readers and, more impressively nonetheless, the new Kindle Fire (which has a coloration display) has bought over 23 million devices because of July 2012. Not least that, but Kindle books can also be studied (without spending a dime) on actually each platform this is accessible. E.G., iPhones, iPads, PCs, Macs, Android, and many others. It’s no marvel that Kindle is growing at 119% a year.

If you watched, you have got a book in you; I would encourage you to ‘Just Do It.’ It’s now less complicated than ever. Once you’ve hit that Publish button, one of the beauties of the platform is that everyone’s book is placed on an identical degree, whether or not published by using you, Simon and Schuster, or whoever!

Another plus is that you do not want to jot down a big amount. If you could write inside the variety of 20 to 50 pages, it is best. If you need to jot down extra than that, then keep in mind writing a sequence of books instead of a single big e-book (as changed into the manner, further back in records). If you are a first-timer, then the most important mission is probably simply overcoming the worry to take a danger and appearance silly. Everyone receives that to some extent, so they just feel the fear and do it besides. (Version One is higher than Version None!)

However, if you’re inquisitive about earnings, too, I even have some numbers that you can find exciting. Firstly, the charges to put up are very low. Kindle themselves fee nothing, but if you need a professional photograph on your cowl, you may want to pay a 3rd-birthday party for publishing rights (say $US 10 for an excessive decision photograph from an inventory image library). Likewise, for formatting, if you opt not to do it yourself, you will need to outsource. However, the value for that is meager as nicely.

Of path, beyond those fees, the sky is the restriction if you need a totally expert result or a real publisher’s assistance. However, if you’re starting, you can achieve this on a shoestring price range.

In terms of e-book pricing, the candy spot for Kindle books is between $US 2. Ninety-nine and $US 9.99. Any lower than that and the rate would possibly seem too reasonably-priced (implying low nice), and any better than that needs greater justification. But, possibly your ebook genuinely does warrant a higher rate. That’s tremendous if so. However, except there is a compelling purpose to do otherwise, it is excellent to stay inside the sweet spot variety.

Though these prices may appear low, they can still produce good earnings for the author as long as the quantity is sufficiently excessive. This is due to the fact, as the author, you will stand up to 70% royalty. (Amazingly, you may probably get a higher income from an Amazon ebook promoting at $US 2. Ninety-nine than you’ll from a conventional paper book selling for $US 24. Ninety-nine!)

Writing Your First (Kindle) eBook - 6 DOs 3 DON'Ts 2

If you’re interested in a few particular income examples, I recently got here across the results of more than one Kindle ‘how-to’ book. One becomes called How To Purify Water, and the other changed into ” How To Use Pinterest. Even though both were priced at best, $US 2, Ninety-nine, the e-book on the way to purify water produced a royalty earnings of approximately $US three hundred in line with month, and the e-book on Pinterest produced a royalty income of about $US 1, three hundred according to month. Pretty precise, eh!

The previous examples lead neatly into the situation of niches. Both of those books have been, I believe, aimed intentionally at popular niches; the purified water ebook on the ‘catastrophe preppers’ area of interest and the Pinterest book at an ‘occurring’ Internet niche.

One instance of a warm fiction area of interest befell following the roaring achievement of the ebook Fifty Shades of Grey. Despite its professional reviewers (who said its high-quality turned into “combined to bad”), it has become the fastest-selling paperback of all time. Of course, Kindle rode that wave too and did anything to get greater titles of the same style quickly. (Maybe they nonetheless are!)

A brief word on pen names & niches. I’ve selected to write my books the use of my very own call. Of path, it is flawlessly ok to put in writing in pen called too. The fine recommendation I’ve received is to use one pen-call according to the area of interest if you are publishing in multiple niches.

I’ve located it is quality to put in writing lengthy, write fast, forget about errors, after which pass again and rewrite, rewrite and rewrite once more. (I, in reality, begin with a mind-map). Set up the structure first and, if you can, create an ebook, identify and outline early on. (Essentially, define the outcome and paintings returned from there). To make development at an inexpensive pace, set your self-closing dates and then stick with them. Celebrate while you hit them. And, in case you do not, you would possibly even need to give yourself an occasional penalty!

The handiest real ‘tool’ you need is Microsoft Word. Kindle does have a process to take Word files and automatically convert them to their format (HTML). However, you may probably want to alter your file earlier than submitting it for conversion, as there are a few factors that their procedure is terrible at attaining. E.G., Table of contents, bullet points, and many others. (But, as cited before, there are plenty of folks that provide this provider at low value).

One element I’ve used to help me write speedily is voice recognition software. This generation has been around for a long time, but it has now developed to some extent at which it is rapid and accurate. It has to first learn about your fashion of speak, but it may be kind as speedy as you can communicate while that has happened. I used software known as DragonSpeak, which costs $AU eighty. It’s really worth every cent!

Writing Your First (Kindle) eBook - 6 DOs 3 DON'Ts 3

I observed that selecting the vicinity that is used to write down could make a massive distinction. The better you may get awareness, the higher your speed and first-rate will be. For example, if you have a study at home that might be ideal for you, or possibly you decide on a cafe or public library. Whatever it’s far, if you’re getting caught, I advise you to first experiment with your writing environment. (And that consists of selecting a time while you’re at your first-class). Just do something that works for you.

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