The thing about cheap glass bongs is they’re so easy to get attached to, but so quick to disappear from your life. I know as well as anyone the wonderful feeling of finding that one special bong on sale for 15$ but it’s glass and not plastic and it has a cool shape and a nice color, and it comes with a fancy little bowl and there’s even an ice catcher and oh look wow there’s even a little percolator in there, it has to be too good to be true! And it is too good to be true. Sure, you might have some fantastic times carrying it around in your backpack carelessly, because hey, it only cost 15 bucks so who cares?!

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Maybe the quality of the smoke is actually insane for the amount of money you spent, and each time you take a fat toke you wonder how on earth this little guy could make your herb so smooth. Even if you got it intending for it to be your travel bong, or the one you use at parties, knowing full well it might break on you any day, the longer that cheap glass bong survives, the more of a bond you develop with it. Finally, after it’s been through the toughest of days with you and has seen more sessions that anyone could count, long after you’ve forgotten that the little bubbling pal was only supposed to be a temporary ally, destiny will come and shatter all your dreams and the glass which contained them.

I know I’m being a bit overly dramatic, but trust me, man, cheap glass bongs just kind of suck. Most people buy them just to save a few bucks and figure well, hey, if it breaks then at least I didn’t spend much on it and I can replace it. But if it breaks too soon then that’s just frustrating, and if it takes to long to fall to its doom, then you’ll be sad it’s the end of the good times with it. Save yourself the heartache and trouble of having to replace a glass friend, just buy a high quality glass bong from the beginning and you’ll see that it’s sturdy enough to survive a five foot fall. There’s a world of difference in various qualities of glass, so go ahead and see for yourself why it’s better to drop 50 bucks from the start instead of getting a new bong every couple months.