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Echo Look can give you style guidelines from Amazon’s fashionistas

A Guide to Men’s Styling Products


We’ve got appropriate information if you’re tired of the Echo Look’s AI-powered style recommendations. Now, you can post your full-frame selfies to the Amazon Spark hive for remarks from actual lifestyles people. In July, the e-retail massive released the digital camera-prepared Echo Look in June as an invitation-best buy, following it up with its Instagram-fashion social purchasing feed, Amazon Spark. As a substitute, predictably, it’s combining the 2 in keeping with CNET.

Here’s how it works: You snap selfies in the outfits you are making plans on wearing the use of the Echo Look, and rather than simply sharing them with Amazon‘s algorithms (or with friends and own family), you may now upload them to Amazon Spark for advice from strangers. After all, what will be better for your shallowness than random judging and commenting on your clothes and frame?

Add a question to complete your put-up, like “Which outfit should I wear tonight?” and let the balloting commence. The entire thing is tied toto your Amazon username, and you may enable style notifications on the Echo Look app.

It most effectively works on iOS for now, with Amazon explaining that it’s a way to “get enter for your clothes from others who love the style as much as you do.” Or you may emerge as siding with the AI over actual-life folk and begin questioning your humanity. Who cares when your ensemble looks hearth, right?

The market for guys’ styling products, shaving, shampoos, and conditioners is booming. Men go to the spa, get manicures, shop for designer labels, and listen to their mirrored image in the replicate. Even the trendy “simply rolled off the bed” seems to take loads of work — and a delicious dollop of product. But with such a lot of styling merchandise accessible, many men are confused! The guide to men’s styling merchandise has to assist in remedying the confusion.

I consider all styling merchandise as one of two categories: fixatives or pliable. Fixatives are merchandise that dries tough (e.g., gel and hairspray) simultaneously as rubbery ultimate bendy (pomades, waxes).

If you want that lovely woman on the bar to walk her fingers through your hair later, live away from the one’s fixatives.



Gels are normally water-primarily based and are right for people who need that moist, glossy appearance. Some reasonably priced supermarket gels tend to break and flake off in the hair, so get the good things. Most expert gels offered at salons do not have this problem. You’ll normally find gels in the company or mild preserve. The key to deciding on the proper one is that the finer the hair, the lighter the product.

Using a company-hold gel on quality hair will weigh it down, while light preserve gels on thick, route hair will not provide enough management. Since most gels have a “memory” after they are dry, combing via the hair will give you a dry appearance while preserving the form. A gel can be “reactivated” by wetting your hands and strolling them through the hair. My preferred gel is American Crew Firm Hold Gel

Hair Sprays: As a complete product, hairspray locks style in the region. As with gel, select the lightest product on your hair type. A mild spray may be used for excellent hair to present hair with a messy texture without weighing the hair down too much. As a bonus, many hairsprays comprise sunscreen and will add shine to the hair. My preferred spray:

TIGI Pro Look Set Hair Spray



Pomades: This merchandise may be water- or wax-based and is used to add shine while preserving a pliable keep. A pomade will supply a moist, vibrant look and is a brilliant alternative for a graceful, nicely groomed style. Likewise, this product is high-quality for shorter, texturized styles wherein shine is desired and can deliver shine and separation to long hair.

Most pomades can be too aggressive for best hair and may make their appearance greasy and limp. To use a pomade, practice a small quantity to the palm of your hand and rub them together until your hands get warm. Work the product via slightly damp to dry hair. I endorse washing this product out of your hair before bedtime, as excessive product accumulation can clog pores and damage the scalp. My favored pomade: Suavecito Firme Hold Pomade

Waxes: Waxes are much like a pomade but are typically extra competitive and petroleum-based. This top-notch product lending shines and manipulates quick cuts like flattops and buzzcuts. Waxes are also accurate for handling very thick hair. The application is similar to a Pomade (see above); the product must be applied to dehydrated hair (oil and water don’t blend). Remember to clean the product out at night and not use wax on high-quality hair.

My favored wax: Jack Black Wax Pomade Muds, Fibers, and Clays: Similar in application to pomades and waxes, mud (or fiber) is used when maximum management is needed. Many grounds and fibers will deliver a greater matte end, so they’re perfect for the one’s “mattress head” kind of style. This product type is first-rate for giving texture to brief, messy styles and adding separation to lengthy patterns. My favorite clay: 18.21 Clay

Creams and Pastes: A styling cream has the consistency of a gentle, opaque wax. These merchandise are lighter and superb for controlling flyaway hair and giving a chunk of shine and management while leaving you searching, such as if you do not have something for your hair. Use a minimal amount for high-quality hair to avoid a greasy look. If your hair is curly, a cream is a great option to upload shine and hold the curl collectively. My favorite paste is Kevin Murphy’s Rough Rider Paste.

I wish this had taken some guesswork out of selecting the right styling product for your hair kind. Maintaining an extraordinary-looking head of hair starts with getting an incredible haircut, but the proper product can take your look to a new level. Now that you’ve got the knowledge, go out and get your groom on!

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