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Electronic Modernization or Goal-Setting Frustration?

Don’t get me wrong – I love technology! It is a remarkable device that has helped us organize more correctly and speedily than we should have completed manually. It assists us in putting in place frequently scheduled responsibilities, so they occur like clockwork; month-to-month mailings, organizing and categorizing touch lists, and lead follow-up are contained in neat, orderly digital structures that can get entry to and spark off with the rush of a button.

Electronic Modernization or Goal-Setting Frustration? 1

All my contacts are in the ACT! This device enables my Marketing Director and Me to contact human beings on a regular foundation. But I became recently reminded of a call I had to make, was distracted, and forgot. Several days later (after my brain had been damn “something” around that I could not quite don’t forget), I remembered that I had a call to make, located time to look up the smartphone variety in the ACT! And made the decision – overdue. Part of the hassle is that often, when I do, I don’t forget to make a call; I’m not at my desk, so the phone number that might enable me to make it at some point of a free second in the car or any other far-flung vicinity is not available.

1. The visible reminder is long gone: In the antique days, we might have a written To-Do List (or ebook) that sat on our desks (or came with us anywhere we went), visually reminding us of our daily/weekly/month-to-month responsibilities. With tasks now locked neatly away in our digital devices (frequently hidden inside handbags, pockets, and briefcases), it’s far too easy to forget that we have things that should be achieved these days. Unfortunately, regardless of how appropriate your reminiscence is, something will get lost within the cracks as soon as too many objects are acquired on that list.

2. The visible reward is long past: Not only did the list function as a reminder of gadgets to be completed, but it additionally served as its very own integrated praise because visual humans love to peer those objects crossed off, checked off, or otherwise visually marked as DONE! The visible credit became a motivation to “get that last item off your To-Do List!”

3. Technology is not constantly as handy as we’d like to think: If we’re not in the equal area as our electronic data, even though we remember that we’ve something to do (or someone to call), the vital records we want is not wherein we are at the time we don’t forget it! Our days are stuffed with calls, appointments, paperwork, personal errands – you name it. There are days I can not sit in front of my computer till late at night, once I’ve looked after all my other obligations all through the day! How in many instances have you ever been in the car and remembered a name you had to make, but the smartphone number (or other important information you need to serve your patron properly) is “locked” inside your desktop laptop, making it not possible to finish the To Do object? And lest we are saying, “Oh, but we ought to get a PDA and sync up our lists and convey the PDA everywhere,” allow us to take into account that: Here’s an answer that has helped me and that I now endorse to my “visually-oriented” customers:

Electronic Modernization or Goal-Setting Frustration? 2

1. Even if you have your To-Do List in a digital Task List, print it out and place it on your desk (or on your vehicle seat if you must leave the office). The listing will remind you of the responsibilities you must accomplish, even as profitable, with visible satisfaction once items are finished. Print the listing for the upcoming week (so you don’t have to recollect – or make time – to do it each day). Even if not every object is on the published list, the maximum might be (you could always hand-write them in as they get up).

2. Even when you have a PDA, periodically print your active customer listing. This way, your records may be on hand, whether or not your PDA is up to date, synced, or charged – allowing you to make vital telephone calls while you need to accomplish that. I used to hold an alphabetical listing with me all the time once I became a REALTOR (and used it ALL THE TIME) to make smartphone calls between appointments!

3. Always keep a small wire-certain pocketbook or pad to write down To-do items as they get up. When someone asks you to ship a a fax, jot down a short observation with the fax number. When a person calls your mobile (or leaves a voice mail), write the message in the To-Do book because almost every phone call or message I acquire results in something “To Do” – don’t yours?

Electronic Modernization or Goal-Setting Frustration? 3

By maintaining a few simple non-electronic things available at all times (even though they may be based on digital structures to keep them organized), you increase the chances that your “smartly organized” desires will genuinely get performed in place of sincerely remaining “well organized – however incomplete” on your bright electronic gadgets!

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