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Home Networking Secrets – How To Do It the Easy Way

We increasingly include gadgets in our domestic networks – a different PC for the children, Xbox or Wii, and a media server to store all our tunes and pics. The capability to proportion tune, pix, and motion pictures throughout all of the PCs in your home has never been easier.

Home Networking Secrets - How To Do It the Easy Way 1

Yet with all this growth, the latest survey conducted by using ABI Research showed one in three consumers suggested a problem in putting in place and keeping their home network. 25% of all Wi-Fi devices are lowered back to the shop as it becomes too tough to set up and is no longer faulty product.

In addition, this perception is enforced utilizing Best Buy’s Geek Squad founder Robert Stephens, who recounted that the complexity of putting in a Wi-Fi community is evidenced using the truth that returns costs on wireless networking devices drop to nearly 0 when his installers do it. There are quite a few fantastic network products out there, but they do not continually do an awesome job explaining how simple it is to install.

This is one reason massive stores love home networks; they appear complex and hard to install. It’s easy to get pissed off with it. So, if you return a Wi-Fi router to the store, how tough do they have to sell you on, allowing them to ease your frustrations by having them deploy it for you?

Another reason they love domestic networks is the time it can take to install a network. Usually, there’s software to put in; the PC will want a reboot, add protection passwords, and need another reboot, and we all know how long that could take. So if you have two PCs on your network, the time wanted is doubled, like to feature a printer you may all use, time doubles again as the greater software program is brought to every laptop and more reboots.

The final motive is upkeep. Want to add a new PC or printer? They’ll gladly pop out and spend more time, including the new device. If the community stops running, do in which to start troubleshooting? Domestic and small commercial enterprise networking isn’t that tough if you have some technical expertise. Setting up times and maintenance may be significantly reduced with the right software. You do not even want the technical information to get a multi-tool network running with a notable software program.

Whenever I go to someone’s home to install a community, I display them Network Magic. Cisco, one of the main enterprise high-tech networking corporations, uses this software. I explain how by using this software program, their community can be installed faster, be extra at ease, and easily maintain

Setting Up

Install Cisco Network Magic on every PC in your house. The Essentials model has licenses for up to a few gadgets. The Pro model lets you connect up to 8 devices. Cisco Network Magic provides a degree of simplicity to a few of the most commonplace setup troubles encountered. These issues consist of enabling Wi-Fi security and coming across and adding each tool to the community, whether or not stressed or wireless. With Cisco Network Magic, you can instantly connect all your gadgets to the community without the same old difficulties.

Once your community is up and walking, Cisco Network Magic makes it easy to see what’s happening at the network through a Network Map, a visual illustration of all the gadgets that can be linked to your property network in addition to feasible intruders. The map also offers extra details about one’s devices, consisting of IP addresses, connection repute, signals for software updates, and smooth entry to tasks related to every tool. Using the capabilities of the map, you could view and manage many components of your networked devices without having to visit each tool individually, so there would be no greater strolling backward and forward.

File and Printer Sharing

Home Networking Secrets - How To Do It the Easy Way 2

ABI Research has discovered that over 33% of home community owners used their network for file sharing and 40 for a printer amongst multiple computer systems. Cisco Network Magic facilitates making the procedure a snap with built-in file and printer-sharing equipment.

To share files with your other computer systems, truly click on “Share a Folder,” and a software setup software called a “wizard” walks you via the stairs. You could try this properly if you want to see what folders are shared on one PC or all of your networked computer systems. Cisco Network Magic even places a shortcut in your computing device, making it easy to get right of entry to all of the tunes, pictures, motion pictures, and other documents on your networked computers.

With a couple of computers in a household, it becomes very bulky and luxurious to outfit everyone with a printer. Cisco Network Magic has a smooth setup process if you need to proportion a printer amongst more than one computer system. The software will make the printer to all computers in the community and automatically install the printer drivers on the different PCs for you.

Parental Controls

If you’re like thousands and thousands of worried dads and moms, you fear your kids’ content will be uncovered on the Internet. Perhaps you’ll also like to manipulate when your kids have been admitted to the Internet. You could do all of this and more with the Internet Access Controls in Cisco Network Magic.

Cisco Network Magic offers controls that will let you manipulate while and where your networked computer systems get admission to the Internet. You can limit Internet access to certain times of the day, ensuring your children are doing their homework and not browsing the web or chatting with their pals online. All of this may be finished remotely via a password-enabled device so the controls you install area stay there.

Computer Reports and Network History

The reports feature of Network Magic offers a handy way to track what websites were visited on your connected computers. The software can be set up to email a link to an in-depth record each day, showing while the laptop changed into online, the packages that had been used (and when they were used) computer fitness fame, every website that turned into visited, and the Internet bandwidth consumed via each laptop. Network history shows you which of the computers and different devices have connected to the network, along with any intruders that could have tried to attach.

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One of the most irritating factors of coping with a domestic community is troubleshooting while your gadgets are connected. Your PC’s operating system gives constrained solutions for solving a hassle with the PC and no help for reconnecting other devices like game consoles or Internet-related TVs. Network Magic offers an expansion of troubleshooting answers to your network connection and document and printer sharing.

When your connection is misplaced, the Network Map will, in reality, show you in which the spoil is. Click on the “Repair Connection” button from the map to have the software program walk you through a step-by-step guide to repair your network connection. The “Troubleshoot Sharing” task will do the same if you have document and printer-sharing troubles.

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