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Invest in Property in Abu Dhabi

The speedy growing Arabian capital of Abu Dhabi is the richest and biggest of all seven UAE states. The metropolis is placed on a T-fashioned island leading into the Persian Gulf, from the critical western coast, and has a populace of around 900,000 population. It currently controls 90 in line with the scent of the oil wealth inside the location, making it considered one of the largest manufacturers of oil within the world.

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The economic system
Abu Dhabi has the most important fossil gasoline reserve in the UAE, is the fourth largest natural gasoline manufacturer inside the international, has the world’s highest earnings in line with capita, is home to almost all of the Arabic Fortune 500 businesses, and is currently sitting on over 88 billion barrels of confirmed oil reserves.

Nonetheless, the emirate is now actively seeking to reduce its reliance on oil and diversify its financial system into the financial services and tourism sectors. Billions of pounds have been allocated for infrastructure initiatives and the development of residential, leisure, and cultural schemes across the oil-wealthy emirate.

Abu Dhabi is decided to undertake Dubai and set up itself as a main traveler vacation spot, buoyed by its subtropical weather and 700 km shoreline of unspoiled seashores and cultural websites.

Tourist sights include the Louvre and Guggenheim museum, flora and fauna reserve, a UAE public library, the National Theatre, and the development of the £thirteen.5 billion Saadiyat Island.

In 2009 Abu Dhabi will host its first-ever Formula One Grand Prix at Yas Island, including a Ferrari topic park. Elsewhere, Aldar Properties will increase a $3billion (£1.5billion) Motor World, such as service centers and a museum, in addition to offices, inns, and houses for 30,000 humans.

David Nicholls of EM principles says: “The plans for Abu Dhabi are without a doubt superb. The delivery infrastructure is likewise already sound, and the state’s wallet is bottomless.”

The emirate is served by way of several most important airlines, including British Airways, BMI, Eagle Air, KLM, Etihad Airways, Gulf Air, Qatar Airways, and Lufthansa. Incidentally, lodge occupancy costs currently stand at over eighty in keeping up from around 60, consistent with a cent in 2003.

James Gonzalez of Obelisk feedback: “Abu Dhabi plans to be a top-of-the-line global tourism destination. Within the next three years, the emirate will see major investment in airport infrastructure, a good way to grow airport capacity from seven million to twenty million passengers 12 months utilizing 2011.”

Abu Dhabi’s speedy growth and growing tourism levels are riding call for, inflicting a large property surge, much like that in Dubai some years in the past.

Property market

Unlike neighboring Dubai, in which it is feared that there will soon be a complete oversupply of homes, in Abu Dhabi, there’s currently a mentioned housing shortfall of around 20,000 units. The supply of housing inventory remains scant, partly because Abu Dhabi isn’t always part of a community grasp-plan like the ones pioneered by way of Emaar and Nakheel in Dubai.

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Carlo Walther, head of enterprise development for Rightmove Overseas, feedback:
“From an investor’s point of view, Abu Dhabi has numerous severe blessings… With a $2 hundred billion funding program scheduled for the subsequent 10 years, it’s a little marvel that there is such excitement around this market.”

Supply constraint when it comes to demand, mixed with hovering constructing fabric and labor fees, efficiently pressured average belongings charges in Abu Dhabi upwards using around 30 percent final 12 months, consistent with HSBC.

This degree of capital increase appears to be sustainable in the quick to medium time period, as Abu Dhabi’s belongings market continues to be growing and isn’t interlinked with the financial markets, as is the case in a few other mature economies. Consequently, the housing marketplace in Abu Dhabi does now not perform on the same fundamentals as a more installed belongings market.

The launch of recent residential schemes is currently going on in a controlled fashion, hence averting an oversupply. Yet, the town’s population is growing, putting greater stress on the belongings sector.

Furthermore, a look at the UAE’s maturing mortgage marketplace suggests that assets costs will indeed appreciate in addition. The length of the UAE’s mortgage market, which presently stands at around $4.4billion (£2.2billion), is anticipated to develop to around $44billion (£22billion) over the next four years, in line with a financial institution, EFG Hermes.

The full of life call for being recorded should see belongings prices in Abu Dhabi – which reportedly common round £250 in keeping with square ft – exceed the ones in Dubai over the following three years, in line with UAE funding financial institution, Shuaa Capital. HSBC forecasts that average assets expenses inside the emirate will admire through an in addition 25 in step with cent this year alone.


Rapid charge growth has encouraged a few speculative traders to resale before they may be even been constructed, in any other case known as ‘flipping.’ Buying off-plan belongings abroad and ‘flipping’ it is not uncommon, especially in an emerging marketplace like Abu Dhabi, as this can prove to be a fantastically lucrative way of making a living.

Middle East commercial enterprise provider AME Info lately pronounced that a few property buyers’ are presently doubling their money in off-plan devices in as low as nine days. But investors have to be aware of the potentially excessive dangers associated with ‘flipping’ residences, specifically in a market that lacks transparency. A medium to long-term assets funding strategy will frequently lower the related dangers.


According to HSBC, investors seeking extended-term property funding may be eager to study that average rents in Abu Dhabi rose with the aid of 22 according to cent final 12 months. Double figured condominium yields are currently being executed by way of some buy-to-permit investors. Property charges will consequently must upward thrust so that apartment returns gain historically lower yields, as is the case in extra mature assets markets.

However, Abu Dhabi is now seeking to manage apartment inflation with a rent cap. The town plans to follow the example of Dubai, which recently lowered its cap from secant to five in keeping with a cent.

Cheap finance

The UAE Dirham (AED) is constant to the USA greenback at one fee, which means the UAE Central Bank has to observe US hobby charge coverage. While the current terrible US dollar showing has devalued the AED, it’s also lowered the cost of borrowing money to shop for belongings within the UAE. However, the falling US dollar is adding to the UAE’s inflation problem. Therefore the present mechanism is proving a problem. Consequently, there are actually murmurings that the AED can also, in the end, smash loosely from its peg to the USA dollar.

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“The simplest way to combat this (inflationary problems) is to lose the peg and permit the AED to glide freely,” says Nicholls. “If the AED does damage free from the US greenback, then the cost of the Arabian forex is likely to understand very quickly, on the way to translate lower back to a more go back to the investor whilst the AED based property asset is bought and price range back to the UK.


As a domicile in Abu Dhabi, there’s no earnings or capital gains tax to pay, making the emirate a tax haven, and there’s no limit on placing up residency. Properties in Abu Dhabi are presented on a leasehold foundation of as much as 99-years, as there are no freeholds to be had. Purchasing fees equate to round 1.5 in line with a cent of the property price.

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