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Piramal Housing Finance eyes loan book

Piramal Housing Finance, an absolutely-owned housing finance subsidiary of Piramal Finance, plans to attain a loan book of Rs 15,000 crore through 2020.

Given its license from the National Housing Board on September 4 this 12 months, the housing finance unit already has belongings underneath control (AUM) of over Rs two hundred crores. It has invested a preliminary fairness capital of Rs 1,000 crore inside the subsidiary.


The business enterprise will be trying to fund the whole spectrum of real estate, from low cost to luxury, and cater to each salaried and self-hired individual within tier-2 and three cities.

Ajay Piramal, Chairman of Piramal Enterprises, which owns Piramal Finance, stated, “This is an area of B-2-BC (agency to a developer to a client). We have built the Rs 200 crore with 15 of our builders and their 30 projects. We are not such as construction finance to small human beings here… with a purpose to be done independently. This is just housing loans to tier-2 and three cities.”

This arm will increase Piramal Finance’s enterprise retail portfolio. Piramal stated, “Out of approximately eighty housing finance agencies (HFCs), the handiest 10 have asset size extra than Rs 10,000 crore and approximately 16 have greater than Rs five 000 crore asset size. So, there are not many big players, and most HFCs do not apprehend real estate. Our robust partnerships with developers give us a unique part.”

He claims that the Piramal institution, being 2d biggest in actual estate financing, can be advantageous in its retail housing finance foray.

Piramal Finance’s current wholesale business has over Rs 35,000 crore in the property below management (across debt and fairness), with investment throughout three hundred plus tasks and over one hundred development partners.

Piramal stated, “Out of approximately 80 housing finance organizations (HFCs), the best 10 have belongings more than Rs 10,000 crore, and a majority of HFCs do now not recognize actual property. Our sturdy partnerships with developers supply us with a unique side.”


It has an operational department in Goregaon, a suburb of Mumbai, and plans to open a department in Thane soon. Khushru Jijina, Managing Director, Piramal Capital, stated that the commercial enterprise could be rolled out in Pune, Bangalore, and NCR regions.

On the retail aspect, Piramal Finance has an investment of Rs four,583 crores with a 20 percent stake in Shriram Capital and a 10 percent stake in Shriram Transport Housing Finance and Shriram City Union Finance.

The company has a wholesale loan book of Rs 28,648 crore, with actual property constituting Rs 24,924 crore in August 2017. The exchange property below management had been Rs 6,727 crore, with real estate contributing Rs 5,727 crore.

On its competition with Shriram Group’s housing finance business, Piramal stated, “Shriram in housing could be exceptional catering to small cities and smaller amounts, while we can be in bigger ticket length loans. So it will be simplest complimentary and now not compete with it.”

“We are assured that the  Finance specific commercial enterprise book model being followed by Piramal  HousingHousing Finance will add any other dimension to our career providing and setting up a blueprint for in addition boom,” Piramal stated.

Piramal said that the company could supply a seamless and customer-centric service to all its stakeholders, including people, builders, dealers, and companions. Now, the goal is to stop customers.


It will seek to fund the whole spectrum of estate, from low-priced to luxury, and cater to salaried and self-hired people.

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