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Quick Guide to Google Voice for (Very) Small Businesses

Introducing Google Voice. Whether you’ve heard of Google Voice earlier or no longer, it can be time to take another look. Stop the usage of your cell cellphone or non-public domestic cellphone wide variety as your enterprise line. It isn’t professional, and it is not important. Plus, Google Voice offers many different first-rate capabilities that you won’t be capable of life without once you attempt them.

Quick Guide to Google Voice for (Very) Small Businesses 1

Google Voice is a carrier that sits on top of your smartphone offerings. You don’t have to buy something to get a new commercial enterprise smartphone number in that manner. Once you join up for the unfastened service, you may be assigned a phone number to use. This is your new commercial enterprise cellphone range. Set up your voice mail and forwarding options (which telephones you need to ring), and you could immediately begin giving this cellphone range out to people as your business line, right?

When humans dial your new Google Voice variety, they are routed to any telephone or phone you pick out. For this case, you could set up Google Voice to route to your cellular phone and your home phone. When humans dial that cellphone variety, each mobile phone and the home smartphone will ring concurrently. The call is routed to the phone you choose first. You can set up the carrier so the caller ID tells you the call is coming out of your Google Voice wide variety. This way, you continually recognize whether you are becoming a commercial enterprise or a non-public call.

Talking on your home phone but need to speak to your cellular cellphone rather? Just hit the “*” button and transfer the call. You can also document calls if you want to or send a caller without delay to voicemail.

So, right off the bat, you may see why having a Google Voice variety could make your commercial enterprise life a touch less complicated and, in reality, more professional. If that wasn’t sufficient to get you excited, check out those different wonderful functions you cannot get everywhere else:

Online Voicemail & Voicemail Transcriptions – Google Voice continues all your voicemail to your online account. Log in through your web browser or use the App on your Android telephone. All your voicemail messages are saved in an email format and assist you in playing messages, adding notes to the letter, emailing or downloading the voicemail as an attachment, or even embedding the news as a multimedia element on an internet site or weblog. If you do not want to listen to this specific caller again, block the caller lyfrom the voice mail, and your telephone will never ring again if they try to touch you. Comes in on hand for psycho ex-girlfriends or solicitors.

Setting Hours & Do Not Disturb – One of the nice features of your business, hands down. If you need to set hours to be had, now your phone lets you out. Easily set up schedules for while your telephone jewelry and while it does not. If you best want to be had from 8 am to 5 pm, your telephone will most effectively ring during those hours. If you only need to be had on the weekends, that is easy to do properly. Furthermore, you have an alternative of placing your Do Not Disturb.

This will briefly (for something term you specify) direct all incoming calls to voicemail. It is handy if you have a cut-off date and need consciousness without interruptions. This, employing a long way, is one of the best things for your small commercial enterprise because it allows you to split business lifestyles from private life, and in no way shall the two meet (except the route you want them to).

Quick Guide to Google Voice for (Very) Small Businesses 2

Text Messaging – Besides smartphone calls and voice mail, Google Voice lets you send and acquire text messages from your account. If you have included your Google Voice account with your Android cell phone, you may ship and obtain text messages immediately out of your smartphone as nicely. All textual content messages are stored online for appearance and review. I love this feature because I can get the textual content message from my spouse at once from my computer while not having to divert my interest to my cell phone.

Integrated with your contacts – If you already have an ordinary Google Account, all your communications will appear in your Google Voice account. If your buddy Jim calls your new range (and you have Jim’s quantity saved), his name will display for your caller ID. Similarly, all voicemails and textual content messages sent and acquired from Jim might be connected to his touch report for destiny reference. This becomes inaccessible when you want to look up that cellphone quantity he left for you a few months ago again to your voicemail. Did you get a name from someone new? Easily upload a call to their cellphone variety, and all destiny and historical calls will now have that character’s ring attached.

Unlimited Custom Voicemail Greetings – This feature is both beneficial and fun! Create custom voicemail greetings for a selected person or people you assign to a set. This way, if your excellent pal Joe calls you, you can have a customized greeting for him and his best. Similarly, if your institution all of your vendors into a “Vendors” institution, each time all and sundry from that institution calls, they will get a custom message you’ve created only for the one’s sorts of contacts. As you can consider, this can result in all varieties of exciting matters you can do with your voicemail that up until now has never been feasible. Go ahead and laugh with it!

There are a few other cool capabilities that I’ve deliberately not noted in this quick manual. After all, what amusing would it not be if you didn’t get to perform a little exploring for your personal, eh?

Quick Guide to Google Voice for (Very) Small Businesses 3

Suppose you are a small enterprise – specifically a one or two-person enterprise – it’s time to provide Google Voice a strive. It’s simple to use, will increase your professionalism and help you separate your enterprise globally from your private world. Oh, and it is free, so nothing is retaining you returned. Please set up your account today and use the feedback section beneath to let me know your experience!

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