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Realizing Fullness – Seeing and Knowing the Beauty of Life

Beauty surrounds us anywhere we are. Surely, this is something to be grateful for. And similarly, WE are lovely–tremendously so. That, too, is a purpose for gratitude. But how can we be pleased about what we do not see–or will not be? So allow’s pause to remember how we see beauty so that we may enjoy fullness and pleasure and be SINCERELY thankful.

Realizing Fullness - Seeing and Knowing the Beauty of Life 1

Blame ego for failing to see what we ought to be pleased about. As the ego sees existence, it’s far blind -ignorant of its fullness and splendor. Instead of seeing what IS, it remains busy filling Life–or changing it–with its conviction of emptiness. And that manner, useless to mention, one can’t in all likelihood enjoy the fullness of now, see its beauty, or revel in the Goodness of it. The ego continually obscures reality with its judgments, aversions, and perversions. And that is what keeps us from being open to Reality.

Why ego sees little to be glad about

As ego-clouded people, we can most lyeffectively flow from presumed vacancy to presumed vacancy, from frustration to frustration, struggling with the “lack” of Love-Beauty-Fullness NOW as we pass. Thus, we flow directly to the following experience–or instead, pass into it, however, fail to embody it, as we are nonetheless absent, experiencing best what we think, what we consider to be the case. Even as we pass from one stage of evolutionary improvement to the subsequent, we’re nevertheless hoping, hungry, and dubious. In that manner, anywhere we roam, we feature hunger in our bellies–the disappointment of our soul’s needs.

Life is a hunger weight loss plan so long as we deny it. Love is not any vicinity without we embody. As lengthy, because the ego suspects/rejects Goodness and Goodness, we forget about sources and thereby continue to starve spiritually and emotionally. Of course, feeling frustrated, we prefer something else, else, else, else, else–the search is going on! But when traveling, make no mistake; wherever ego goes, it does what it does. So, wherever we roam, if we consider what ego says, we’re certain to copy that equal rejection process repeatedly. We might wander from emptiness to emptiness, sorrow to sorrow, rejecting Life as we go. Such is the lifestyle of a lonely miner who will not see the gold.

Why Spirit sees a whole lot to be glad about

The Spirit, through assessment, sees, accepts, and embraces. Wherever Spirit unearths Itself, it catches and enjoys the fullness of now. It sees and enjoys the fullness of this region, this level. And, it captures and enjoys the fullness of the subsequent part, the next degree. Because Spirit wants the countless unfolding of seeing and being, the journey of Life, and the ever-newness of becoming, it has no urgent need to transport, no determined force to move somewhere else. Thus, The nonsecular search may be called a quest of Spirit for Spirit. But if that search has a desperate best, the desperation results from the ego’s continual sample of doubt/rejection.

Aversion and enchantment govern the ego’s movement–because of what it thinks it sees now, what it denies now, and hates now. If ego thoughts were no longer so absorbed in their judgments as to miss the fullness of now, acute frustration and hunger might not be. We CAN enjoy actual openness to now and fill with what IS if we would handiest abandon egoic styles of the doubt. We can experience Life if we launch negative judgment and desist from the continual rejection of Life and Love. It’s an entirely new factor, this manner of being and seeing now, rather than now not being and no longer seeing now. Why desperately are we trying to find what we want or surrender hope while the whole lot we want and need is given utilizing God and could remain given?

Opening to riches

Acceptance offers what searching for cannot provide. And this isn’t always to mention, “Never move.” It is simplest to say, “Beware of the doubt. Beware of denial.” We want to stop moving from empty to drain, hoping to peer greater than and be more ELSEWHERE–while we get THERE, anywhere there’s. We want to be OPEN to what Is.

You see, you can not get HERE from NOT HERE. You can not get right here while rejecting HERE NOW. And you cannot get HERE via looking due to the disappointment of leaving HERE NOW to head THERE, hoping to be here THEN. We need to interrupt that old habit of not being HERE NOW.

Now you can see why, spiritually and emotionally, the rich-get-richer is being here now a way of religious wealth. When you’re present, everywhere is provided to you; you add anywhere and remain complete. You don’t want to be grabby in appeal or crabby in aversion, walking away at the drop of a hat. Instead, you can experience being here now and being inside the fullness that IS. It’s all true in that manner. It remains properly and grows in Goodness, from full to complete.

Looking to your Self

As you recognize, you are genuinely searching out You in all this looking for. The fullness you can discover right here and now IS You–It’s what You are. Remember your Goodness at Heart: Love, Life, and Passion. Such is the character of your True Self. That is greater than an insignificant intuition or an intellectual knowing: you’ve experienced it, so you understand it to be True.

Remembering who you’re, AS who you’re, flip from one aspect to the next with the fullness of your presence. And so preserve, living and giving as You are. Don’t hesitate to provide yourself to stay in your Selfhood. You are secure in your Reality–The Reality. In your True Being, you are now not prone to the ways that ego-identified people imagine themselves to be. And nor are you lacking. Such is the Life of You, your fullness, your passion.

What, then, becomes vacancy, melancholy, depression? It was ardor-power that grew to become against itself. Darkness occurs when one takes big energy and applies it fiercely to the denial of Life and Self. Only amazing passion can create deep despair–in any other case, deep grief could not exist.

When you see, what you see is what you realize yourself to be–now and now and now. So long as you’re a gift now, you know the Omnipresence, the ever-presence of top and God. You’re transferring from full to full of you, of Self-nature, of Self-Reality. Such is your ever-presence–the awareness of your authentic, complete, and expansive nature.

Being home–at last!

Homeness is all we are looking for. Homeness means BEING AT HOME–and at the same time, BEING HOME. You ARE domestic, you notice? Homeness is you being the Self, with the Self, inside the Self. Therefore, the awareness of Self-nature is “homeless.” When you’re you, you’re AT domestic, and you ARE home. You see, being offering homeless. However, the homeless that you see and are, if so, is the Reality-enjoy of Now.

Realizing Fullness - Seeing and Knowing the Beauty of Life 2

If you deliver anything of cost to the birthday party, known as lifestyles, what you convey to the party is You. You are the Life of the birthday party. Indeed, in case you are right here, how can the birthday party be dull or empty if the True Self is right here? And, what this celebration has to reveal to you and provide is also you–because that is what the birthday party IS: It is You. You are the Life altogether. Whenever you display up, that is what you notice.

Jenna D. Norton
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