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Seductive Madness at Saint Laurent

Fast fashion refers to the clothing that goes straight from the catwalk to the store. Many leading designer brands, including H&M, Zara, and Pioneer 21, have shifted to this mass productivity culture. Further, the quick response method and increased supply chain efficiency have helped customers remain updated with the recent trends in fashion technology. However, the apparel industry suffers from a few major drawbacks, including its massive share in the environmental footprint.

According to Fisher, the CEO of Fisher 21, “fashion industry

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is the second biggest environment polluter after oil wells”. In the UK, every year, around 35 tonnes of clothes are dumped in landfills. Most of them are made from nylon and polyester, which are non-biodegradable. 90% of the clothing is imported in the United States. The huge scale transportation is met using low-grade bunker fuel-driven ships, which emit toxic nitrous oxide and are a major contributor to the greenhouse effect.

The other problem includes detrimental artistry, where workers are subjected to poor working conditions and made to work on minimal wages due to a lack of itemization of labor costs.

The children in the Rana Plaza factory said they were made to work all day with no intervals in between and were paid less than a dollar a day. When asked for rest and a day off due to illness, they were beaten severely and struck oilcloth in their mouths, as a result of which many of them fell sick and died

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The story of a pregnant woman was no different. They weren’t given maternity leave and were continuously threatened with abortion if they failed to do their work.

Apart from the shoddy artistry, fast fashion had a major impact on the world’s designers. On being asked about what he feels about the fast fashion industry, Shivam, a fashion designer from France, replied:” Fast fashion has made us no better than the salesman; designers have no room for creativity; they have to copy designs from the other brands because there is always a pressure from the marketing heads

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One big step to sustainable fashion would be to unlearn that fashion democratizes style and plays a role in global capitalism. Fast fashion would hit the roadblock by increasing customer awareness of its harmful effects, the importance of the phrase “who made our clothes,” and encouraging the reuse of old clothes by selling or donating to needy people.

Our clothes are so cheap that raising wages and prices would improve the lives of developing world workers, but we have to spend something from our wallets. Retailers, distributors, and the federal government should strive to enforce certain basic worker and environmental protections throughout the full length of the supply chains, wherever these may extend.

Application of strict labor laws ensuring proper working conditions, pay rates, and educational and health services given to workers.

There should be a provision of recreation and suitable resting intervals between working hours, the establishment of rehabilitation programs, and regular inspection by government officials of the working conditions of the factory. Stopping the “unauthorized production,” in which a contractor subcontracts manufacturing to an unauthorized factory, potentially one that fails to meet internationally recognized or even company-required labor, production, or building standards.

We must remember if everyone is doing their bit, then one small step can make a radical change in society

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We live in a world surrounded by numerous things related to technology, the latest gadgets, or the latest fashion. Fashion today has made its significance felt in almost all sectors of life. The technique can be divided into two groups: One group follows fashion trends and adopts them, and the other group creates fashion and style statements for the others to follow. It can also be extended to another set of people who rarely have anything to do with fashion trends but follow their style to create their unique personality, adding one more style to the fashion world.

Fashion is not just about cosmetics and makeup or the hair-do.


It is a sense of creating the charisma of looking good in anything you wear, and this magic is created with the right kind of accessories going along with the footwear and the clothes, making up a pleasant picture to view. Often, people who cannot afford to buy expensive clothes look their best in their casual wear by presenting themselves in that manner of sophistication and creating an aura around them with the confidence of looking good.

There are myriad forms of fashion and trends. Madness keeps on  Seductive, changing with the Laurent seasons. From the early 60s and 70s to the present millennium, there has been an immense change in the forms, looks, and thoughts about fashion trends.

In India, much of fashion has been influenced by the Hindi Film Industry, popularly called Bollywood. The trends that have changed through time can be fairly seen in the movies made during the ’60s and ’70s and how they have evolved in various forms, bringing a style that the general public can follow. People have aped the west from very early times, which was no exception. The clothes made in the 60s and 70s were influenced by Western countries and given a traditional touch.

The Bell Bottoms, scarves, and hairstyles were prevalent in those days as an icon of style. Later, in the 80s and 90s, the Fashion world sizzled like never before. There was a craving by the people to look different, stylish, and modern, and this could be seen in their outlook towards their outfits, new styles of hair, makeup, accessories like purses, earrings, necklaces, matching footwear, etc.

People were conscious about every new thing that was


marketed, and they copied the styles from their Bollywood idols. Bollywood started as a platform for theatre artists and became a commercial entry for the youth and aspirants for a career in the film and fashion industry. This gave the youth of today to emphasize the fashion world. Art and music have become inseparable things of the past, and so it is deeply rooted in the present and more features and facilities.

Today, fashion, art, music, designers, dance, etc., all have a place in the industry, and people can choose to take up anything related to this industry as their profession. Art and music have long been implemented in the school’s co-curricular activities, and the Higher colleges now offer various courses for better professionalism in these areas. There are also different acting schools, and the small screen, i.e., the television, has opened up avenues for bringing out the talent in young minds through numerous platforms of music and dance.

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