Support for Google Drive for Mac/PC could be cut off from December 11 and it’s going to shut down on March 12 next 12 months.

Users who’re still the usage of the pressure app will begin seeing notifications in October telling them power for Mac/PC is “going away”.

Customers can be suggested to use certainly one of alternative



cloud garage options – Backup and Sync, and Drive File Stream

If a consumer starts running both Drive File Stream and Backup and Sync on the same device, they’ll be suggested to prevent syncing My Drive with Backup and Sync to keep disk area.

You can nevertheless get right of entry to Google  Drive within the period in-between for the Mac net,  phone apps and both of the 2 new software program options.

What are the options to Google Drive for Mac/PC?

The new computing device application Drive File Stream has become available nowadays (Friday, September eight).

Mac OS X is a robust and reliable operating system, designed and




marketed by Apple Inc. The operating system offers a wide range of advanced features, which make it more powerful and advanced than other computer operating systems. Although Mac OS X is very reliable as compared to other operating systems, still it faces system breakdowns, which lead to data loss. At this point of time, Macintosh data recovery becomes a need of the hour to get your precious data back.

Mac data recovery is possible in most of the data loss scenarios, but the success rate of the recovery depends upon the extent of the damage. It is extremely important that you identify data loss as soon as possible. There are numerous symptoms that can help you identify data loss and the easiest ones among them are the error messages. The most frequent errors are as given below-

  • file system dirty, run fsck
  • Hard Disk Initializing; Please wait a moment…
  • The disk is unreadable: Do you want to initialize it now?
  • Unable to mount disk
  • Volume Header needs minor repair…

There are various factors that cause logical data loss, which include the following ones-

  • File system (HFS, HFS+, HFSX, HFS Wrapper, FAT) corruption
  • Volume Header corruption
  • Accidental deletion
  • Catalog File corruption
  • Virus Infection
  • Master Block damage

When it happens, an updated and valid backup is required to ensure absolute file recovery Mac. In case backup is not updated or valid, you are advised not to restore the data. It can cause further data loss and complicate the Macintosh data recovery process.

In such critical situations, Mac data recovery software comes to your rescue. The Mac recovery applications are particularly designed to perform in-depth scan of entire disk and extract all your precious data from it. They use advanced scanning algorithms to ensure absolute Mac data recovery.

Such tools are incorporated with the highly interactive user interface to offer simple and easy Mac data recovery. They preserve the absolute integrity of your valuable data with read-only and non-destructive conduct. You need not have sound technical skills to use this Mac recovery software.

This allows clients to get entry to their Google Drive documents on demand immediately from their pc.

The carrier saves area on your laptop’s hard power via website hosting all your files within the cloud, pronounced The Verge.Com.

Instead of downloading a Word file onto your computer, modifying it, and importing again, with Drive File Stream you may clearly open and edit the record from a cloud.

In a weblog submit Google said: “Say goodbye to time-eating document syncing and any worries approximately disk area.

“With Drive File Stream, all of your files are usually prepared for you and your colleagues.”

Google has outlined the difference between the 2 garage options google
Google has mentioned the difference among the 2 storage options
More standard users might also opt to Backup and Sync, which is already to be had and essentially combines Google Drive and Google Photos.

It works inside the equal manner and has the capability as Google Drive.

It permits human beings to pick out and choose the files they would really like to backup in place of syncing a whole folder.

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