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3 insider tips to enjoying podcasts

More than a century after the radio was invented, human beings are used for news, amusement, and passing the time on long trips. I recognize this firsthand: I host a country-wide talk show broadcast on over four hundred top radio stations throughout the U.S. And on Armed Forces Radio the world over.

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But with the spoken phrase these days, podcasting is also a pressure. According to Edison Research, the variety of podcast listeners grows 21-24 percent yearly. Podcasts are smooth to supply and distribute, and all sorts of might-be broadcasters express themselves through downloadable sound. Tip in a Tip: ‘It’s tremendously easy to get started if you’re new to podcasts. Click here for a step-by-step manual to finding and being attentive to podcasts.

There are many podcasts to faucet into; we frequently neglect how many we download. They don’t take up as much space as video; however, the one’s megabytes do upload up. When your telephone tells you you’re going for walks out of an area, you could wonder how it is feasible. You’ve been so careful to conserve space! Why should your phone be flooded if you have a handful of apps? The perpetrator is probably your podcast consumption. Here are some hints for keeping your queue in the test.

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1. Take manage of your podcasts

Borrowing on podcasts is clean because they’re free and easy to enroll in. But in case you automatically download 30MB of records each time, you will be surprised how quickly you get warnings that your cell phone is almost complete.

So, suppose strategically about the topics you’re curious about and how committed you’ll be. You can download one episode at a time, an l. A. Carte, and if you don’t discover yourself self-leaping from episode to episode, there’s, in all likelihood, no purpose to subscribe. You may love yachting, but you could not want yachting information five times a week.

When that happens, it’s time to locate the podcasts you’re not participating in and unsubscribe from them. If you’re using Apple’s Podcasts app, tap My Podcasts on the bottom of the display screen to look at your subscriptions, then swipe left at the podcast’s title and tap Delete. You also can cast off single episodes by tapping Unplayed on the lowest of the screen to see them and swiping left to delete them.

Want a high-quality podcast to get you commenced? My Komando on Demand brings you memories and profiles around the virtual world, from the stealthiest hackers on the Dark Web to the modern-day technology Hollywood uses to have lifeless celebrities “act” in cutting-edge movies.

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I additionally produce a weekly podcast that covers the pinnacle tech news. In just a few minutes, you will understand what’s new within the tech issues and topics, which can continuously rework our lives. Hear about devices, websites, cybersecurity, and every different component of the digital lifestyle.

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It’s easy to get loaded up with podcasts. Most media shops and celebrities have their very own podcasts. Seek iTunes or Google Play to find those that hobby you. You can also search with the aid of name or subject. Search results will display each program and episode.

2. Set your alternatives and favorites

You can permit your iPhone to think for you. Apple’s Podcasts app can restrict your automatic downloads. You can set the number of episodes you want to hold, and the app will delete the rest. If you fail to listen to a podcast series for a while, the app will prevent mechanically downloading episodes. Other podcast apps frequently have a similar characteristic that allows you to set episode limits and robotically sell off the rest.

With such many podcasts, you’ll love the potential to queue up your favorites. In this manner, you may play them in the order you want to hear them without reopening the app whenever a podcast ends. Select your first podcast and faucet in the Podcasts app at the three dots to the right of its name. You’ll see the option, Add to Up Next. That’s where the magic occurs.

3. Be a velocity listener

Do you remember the TV and radio classified ads that promised you the ability to examine quicker than ever and keep your newfound know-how? With the explosion of such many podcasts, people now have “space listening.


The premise is simple: The faster you listen to a podcast, the greater you can consume. With this method, there are no worries about filling up your tool. You concentrate, and also you delete. Boom. I’ve tried it and observed that if the podcast doesn’t have many interviews, I can pace, pay attention, and still get the gist of the story.

When you concentrate on a podcast, a player may be at the lowest display screen. (You might have to swipe up to peer it.) On Apple’s Podcast app, for example, there’s a variety of within the lower-left nook. The default is 1x, which helps you to listen to the podcast at everyday velocity.

Speed listeners can tap this button to alternate the playback pace to 1 1/2x or 2x. There’s also an option for 1/2x. I’m not pretty sure. While you would need to pay attention to a podcast very, very, very slowly, it’s there.

What different cool matters can you do with virtual media? Be positive to pay attention to or download my podcasts, or click right here to find it on your local radio station. You can listen to the Kim Komando Show on your phone, tablet, or laptop. From shopping for advice to digital existence troubles


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