I decided to research the subject of Computer Crime on the internet because I, like many clients, pay payments, save and carry out other styles of non-public and enterprise transactions on the internet. Two years ago, my credit card data changed into stolen after paying a cell telephone invoice at the net. Therefore, the question of whether or not or not laptop crime can be stopped is one that I constantly have a problem about and contemplate over.

First, permit me to define laptop crime: “Computer crime, or cybercrime, is any crime that involves a computer and a network. The computer might also have been used inside the commission of against the law, or it could be the goal” (Wikipedia). If I had been asked years ago whether or now not I notion computer crime can be stopped, I could solve the question reflecting my poor revel in and that solution might have been no.

However, I consider it depends upon the sort of cybercrime. For instance, if someone uses a laptop to illegally achieve financial facts, sell pills, bullying or solicit intercourse, locating and stopping those individuals would be a depend of monitoring the CPU’s unique identification numbers and the region of the unit and both blocking off or deleting the website. Depending upon the severity of the computer crime, the culprit will be arrested and convicted.

Today, there are numerous varieties of security software available for websites that locate suspicious sports and helps to clear out spam. However, if the crime has to do with hacking, whether or not it is due to the fact the hacker’s cause is to test his/her hacking abilities, hacking to make an assertion or to destroy a particular website, this kind of cybercrime is proving to be extra hard to prevent. Hackers are generally pretty skilled technicians.

Also, every time advanced malware will become to be had, it’s miles a rely of time on before hackers discover ways to breach the encryption and hack websites. “Most corporations stumble upon multiple cyber assaults every day, many unknown to the general public and plenty of unknown to the corporations themselves” (Walters, Riley).

Cyber Attacks on U. S. Companies in 2014

In 2014, an annoying quantity of primary groups experienced internet site hacking ensuing in hackers gaining access to consumer’s personal statistics. Until today, convalescing and imposing security measures to save you protection breaches has proven too tough.

Just to offer a concept of how extreme and general the crime of hacking is, here is a list of corporations that had been hacked in 2014: Target, Neiman Marcus, Michaels, Yahoo Mail, Aaron Brothers, AT&T, and eBay. According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, “The spate of recent information breaches at large-call companies consisting of JPMorgan Chase, Home Depot, and Target raises questions about the effectiveness of the private region’s statistics security.” FBI Director James Comey stated, “There are two varieties of massive agencies within the United States.

There are the ones who have been hacked… And those who don’t know they have been hacked” (FBI). It is the latter part of Mr. Comey’s announcement where he says, “people who do not know.” I discover that disconcerting. What else is waiting inside the shadows of the unknown? Could it be an attack at the entire Human Resource Administration’s database or the machine that disburses social protection blessings? What might happen of cybercrime became the brand new mystery struggle weapon for a few countries in an attempt to destroy the economy of others. Today, these are all first rate opportunities. Should we end e-commerce sports on the internet?

Fortunately, or unluckily, the internet has emerged in the manner that humans talk, examine, save, revel in leisure and proportion data. The comfort outweighs all of the troubles surrounding computer crimes.


Another form of cybercrime is bullying. This has been shown to be not unusual among younger human beings below 18 years of age. It usually takes place on social media wherein humans put up private data, stalk, or continuously banter negatively about different humans in this type of way as to motive embarrassment, devastation, worry and in a few cases damage.

It isn’t feasible to continually pick out the stalker due to the fact normally the statistics are posted anonymously and it’s far dispensed fast. Removing the records has validated to be hard. Websites that are often used for cyberbullying encompass Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and different websites that sell socializing as its essential focus. The truth that bullying is perpetrated via generation does now not negate the horrible impact it has at the victims. It is assumed that “Kids who’re cyberbullied are more likely to: Use Alcohol and capsules, skip faculty, experience in-character bullying, be unwilling to attend college, get hold of negative grades, have decrease self-esteem, and feature greater fitness troubles,” in accordance to investigate conducted via the National Center for Education Statistics and Bureau of Justice Statistics (Department of Health).

United States Convictions of Computer Crimes

The Department of Justice’s internet site contains a 2015 press release of arrest and convictions attributable to cybercrimes. Some of the convictions consist of: “CMU Student Pleads Guilty to Designing Malware, Selling it on Hacker Forum; Operator of Music Piracy Websites Pleads Guilty to Criminal Copyright Infringement; Former State Department Employee Indicted in Computer Hacking and Cyberstalking; New York Man Admits Sending Spam, Nine People Charged in Largest Known Computer Hacking And Securities Fraud Scam; and, Estonian National Pleads Guilty In Manhattan Federal Court To Charges Arising From Cyber Fraud Scheme That Infected Millions Of Computers Worldwide” (FBI).

The net is an international loose reign that is not controlled by using any authorities. The reason of the internet is to allow a source of freedom and the sharing of statistics without authorities regulations.

However, because of the developing usages of the internet in presenting client goods and offerings, governments around the arena will have to collaborate on locating an end to cybercrime.

One authority can not impinge laws at the net that might overlap into the governance of every other. Therefore, governments should discover a way to come back together, and if there are differences they ought to put them aside, that allows you to deal with and prevent cybercrime.