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Hyderabad Cop’s Pic With Kidnapped Baby

A picture of a Hyderabad police officer smiling down on the four-month-vintage infant boy he rescued from kidnapping is going viral on social media. The heartwarming percent suggests Inspector R Sanjay Kumar of Nampally Police Station with Faizan Khan, a 4-month-old boy who’s grinning ear to ear looking up at him. The picture became tweeted by way of Hyderabad IPS officer Swati Lakra and has been ‘preferred’ over 21,000 instances at the micro-blogging website. It has also been retweeted over five 000 cases because of being shared on October 7, October 7 stories.

Nampally, police arrested two child kidnappers, M.D. Mushtaq & MD Yousuf n. Traced a four-month-old infant boy within 15 hours and passed over to the mother and father, who kidnapped a tv show. Cops captured the two suspects with the help of CCTV footage and surpassed the toddler returned to his mom, Humera Begum, 21, reports the Times of India.


The boy’s smile and his mom’s tears of joy had been well worth the team’s attempt. The boy turned into crying when he was rescued. He started calling even after he was passed over to his mom. At that point, I took him in my hands, rocked him gently, and he stopped crying. Then he looked at me and gave the widest smile I have ever seen,” Inspector Sanjay Kumar said to the Indian Express kidnapped for kids.

Here is how netizens reacted to that excellent second captured on digital camera

Why do people kidnap kids together?

Google Panda is in the news again, thanks to the latest Panda algorithm updates. Search engine optimization specialists take note: this isn’t the only Google news, as Matt Cutts has recently issued weather reports indicating there may be some strong winds in the air.

On October 5tOctober 5s, informed us of another Penguin update. In the weather report on Twitter, he stated, “Penguin data refresh coming today. 0.3% of English queries noticeably affected.” In addition, Google released an EMD Update or exact-match domain change on September 28 out of twenty-one pilots.

The “Google Panda Update 20″ took place from September 27 to the first week of October 2012. Search Engine Land says Panda 20 affects about 2.4% of English queries. Of course, this does not consider all the other languages appearing in the questions.

The EMD update is supposed to target lower-quality “exact-match” domains in the SERPs. The chief guru of web spam at Google, Matt Cutts, stated this would affect 6% of English queries in the U.S. Indore.

All of this occurred after Google’s largest announcement of algorithm changes to date on August 10. August 10 is important news for internet marketers, search engine optimization specialists, affiliate marketers, bloggers, and business websites.

Every time Google changes its algorithm, it can affect millions of search engine ranking placements. People involved in internet marketing keep track of this because of the traffic that can be gained or lost through the organic placement of search words and phrases Bhaskar Indore epaper.

Anyway, the Google Dance is upon us once again. Other rumors indicate there may be changes to the Google images search index. However, Matt Cutts hasn’t released any weather reports regarding Google Images.

It’s unclear what the fallout in the search engines will be due to Google’s 20th Panda Update. Obviously, any attempts to market content for search engine rankings only should be discouraged. Google uses hundreds of signals and will eventually find and wipe out those trying to game the system.

Targeting organic SEO by itself is a precarious proposition. It could be that the Panda, Penguin, and EMD updates are Google’s way of promoting paid advertising by making the search engine rankings over-complicated. The best business solution is to employ a diversified marketing campaign using different strategies, including original content and paid advertising.

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Allow me to clue you in on one of the most helpful tools on the internet. I understand that RSS feed readers are far too underutilized by notaries. I guess that most notaries don’t realize what they are. Hopefully, after reading this article, you’ll be well on your way to a more educated future in the loan signing industry.

You’ll be happy to know that Google Reader is free. So the only investment required is your time. Feed readers were invented to save you time. If you do things the way I used to, you have a lengthy list of websites you visit daily or weekly. You probably click on each link to read the latest information. Often, you visit a page that hasn’t been updated, so there is nothing new to read. Here’s where feed readers come in handy.

With a feed reader,  Hyderabad, you can see what sites Kidnapped With have been updated before clicking. Not only that, but you can also read entire articles right within your reader. Some, like my own site, only provide a preview of the article. Either way, you will save time by only checking the areas that have been updated and only reading the articles that interest you (if you still have to click through to the site).


Several feed readers are available, but I have found Google Reader to provide the most comprehensive instructions and ease of use. I appreciate it’s simple to look at. Some of the other readers are more cluttered. But, for whatever it’s worth, you can always check out the other feed readers. Search for “feed readers,” and you have plenty to choose from. Here are some step-by-step instructions to help you stay on top of the latest discussion coming from the best notary forums and blogs:

  1. Create an account with Google if you do not have one already.
  2. Once your account has been created, you must log in to Google Reader.
  3. Read through the three pages on “Getting Started With Google Reader.”
  4. Still confused? Read the “Common Questions About Google Reader.”
  5. Now, you should be ready to begin adding subscriptions.

Here are my subscription suggestions for mobile notary forums and blogs:

  • (Mobile Notary Network) – This website quickly became the most active notary community. It is a great resource for both rookies and veterans.
  • (United Notary Association of America) – Great people who genuinely care about you and provide helpful information.
  • (ActiveRain: Notary Signing Agent Group) – A resource you can join by joining the community. This site is updated several times daily and allows networking with other industry professionals, such as realtors, loan officers, and mortgage brokers.
  • – Geoff provided many helpful marketing tips, loan document tutorials, and informative interviews. His site is no longer updated but worth checking out for the post content.


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