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Single Girl’s Guide to Makeover Magic

Let’s face it, girlfriends. Thanks to cable TV, we are now addicted to countless episodes of makeover shows wherein every “Plain Jane,” along with her closet-from-hell, learns to pick out the proper garments, makeup, and hair fashion, then right before our eyes, transforms right into a real splendor! And, ever word, how searching brilliant makes her sense empowered? And, all in less than an hour! Amazing!

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But, what if this new self-confident charmer is one of the hundreds of thousands of your single sisters on the hunt for Prince Charming, who happens to be on the hunt for his Princess Charming? Well, if so, this is probably the perfect time to check in with your mirror, replicate at the wall to look the way you fair with all this growing opposition.

You recognize, Cinderella had this so easily. With the wave of a wand and a piece of “bibbity bobbity boo,” her fairy godmother morphed her from rags to riches, then sent her off to the Ball looking just like the Princess she becomes approximately to become, and the relaxation is history!

In the actual world, this all receives a piece greater complex. For starters, probabilities are your prince will first see you dressed for the mall, no longer the Ball. Plus, your possibilities of being the following TV makeover are quite slender. You could hire a fashion-savvy godmother, AKA a fashion consultant; however, if a price of $2 hundred + isn’t always in your budget, what is a lady like you to do when the whole factor is to depart a first impression that leaves a capacity prince looking greater?

You begin with your face. Of course, in case you’re thinking, “How ’bout I begin with something else,” bear in mind Cindy Crawford’s immortal phrases: “Even I do not wake up looking like Cindy Crawford.” So, once more, your face is your focus, particularly the colors of your face. I promise you, while you discover ways to use the power of coloration to complement your eyes, pores, and skin, and natural hair color, like at the makeover shows, magic will manifest! Those eyes will sparkle, and your complexion will glow. And, glowing is virtually a plus for first impressions, mainly when your prince will remember all the time the first time he saw your face.

On the alternative hand, sparkling is almost impossible when you put on colorings that clash with your very own. For instance, if you have watercolor eyes, translucent pores and skin, and hair the coloration of tender wheat, imagine the catastrophe of deep bronze makeup, double black eyeliner, and a dayglow dress with darkish chunky rings. Right! Not properly! The robust colorations overpower your very own, and POOF! You disappear. Wearing colorings paler than your own washes out your natural glow so that your appearance is tired and older than you’re. Again, no longer properly. To go for the glow, right here are the “have to knows” that make it appear!

After running inside the cloth cabinet branch in the movie enterprise for over twelve years, I recognize a component or two approximately style. One of my many roles involved the traumatic and nerve-racking process of purchasing the best outfit for the pinnacle celebrities.

When I say best, I imply perfect-that actual purple 1950s get dressed that the director had his heart set on seeing, or that easy white t-blouse it is, in reality, a ways from simple!

I recall having 3 dozen cardigans to expose Sally Fields. Jessica Alba became fanatic about her underclothes, and I won’t mention any names, but I had to regulate the butt of a main guy’s Boss jeans three times earlier than he became satisfied. I even have walked down the mall with Arnold Schwarzenegger, sat on the curb talking style with David Bowie, or even assist positioned Will Farrell into an elf suit. All moments to take into account and all dictated with the aid of style.

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Many human beings who’ve never labored in movies frequently ask what it’s want to dress such critical human beings. I often say it’s miles similar to dressing my three 12 months antique. They understand what they like and understand what they want!

For almost two years, I became blissfully going about wearing my son in the cutest and trendiest of boys put on. Many of his scrapbook pics have him in a vest, button-up shirt, and even a bow tie. I frequently loved the eye he might get hold of from strangers who favorited his garments and thought he regarded just so lovable…

…Until he wakened sooner or later and had a style thought of his own. Suddenly I’m at work all once more, seeking to reason with a person who argues, screams, and throws their clothes on the ground. Like starlets in the past, I ought to negotiate, coerce, and attempt to convince him of what to put on.

Could you not get me incorrect? I love that my son has awakened to the oddities of style. He has his favorites, like the blouse that must be washed each 2nd day so he can put on it all the time. We went via the only t-blouse that did no longer come off for three days in a row. He tells his buddies approximately his favorite “jaguar” blouse, no different from the name-losing you will pay attention in any makeup trailer on set. Speed McQueen, Diego, and Scooby Do are his version of Prada, Vuitton, and Max Mara. They all suggest something, and by some means, make him feel higher.

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