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The Employee Cum Entrepreneur

Autonomy is best a piece of the pie. Many of us crave the whole dinner party. Some dream of strolling a company alone, others dream of getting into shops, and others want to discover their craving for art and craft.

The Employee Cum Entrepreneur 1

Sometimes, we want to ditch the worker tag, and once in a while, we most effectively need a side hustle. Either way or regardless of the subject, some simple matters must not be taken as a right. These little bits of information distinguish between achievement and failure in your entrepreneurial journey, regardless of how terrific you are as a worker.

The first query is: ‘Should I dare do this inside the first vicinity?’ If you no longer have a task, many people could encourage you to try it; however, the song modifications while you are hired. A business project could, without problems, be seen as a waste of cash while there are college expenses to pay. So what’s the clever factor to do, especially in this economic climate?

Koku Konu is an architect who builds high-rise buildings throughout West Africa: banks and skyscrapers. Then, his father passed on, leaving his accounting firm behind. Konu opted to take that up as nicely. This intended restructuring and constructing Island Nominees Ltd for an architect who was supposed to do quite a bit of mastering from scratch.

This made him the suitable person to invite: Should you trouble?

Konu’s reaction is: “If everyone has a desire to pursue self-employment, perpetually that preference does not leave till you check it. So, if everyone appears to be going into self-employment, move beforehand, no matter what happens with the economic system. But of course, this is simply the start; you may also get entry to your risks and calculate your publicity and your hazard of achievement, but your entrepreneurial spirit, the spirit in those humans, makes the difference. They are those who would fight against the odds. They are those people whose appearance is as much as those who provide you with something.”

Looking at the variety of failed businesses around us can be very discouraging for someone considering taking the plunge. Konu says: “Statistics are a weird thing; I don’t know where those come from; however if you tell me that some people fail, I’d say sure. And sure, failure does discourage humans. But again, the lure of achievement is continually there. Failure can not be discounted; it does put people off. But the proper marketers do have a knack for overcoming seemingly impossible hurdles. That is the hallmark of an entrepreneur.” Then he provides: “We all understand marketers fail, but it is the ones that be triumphant that we tend to an appearance in the direction of. So if you have the entrepreneurial force and need to go into self-employment, no matter the financial system you find yourself in, you must go in advance and take your dangers.”

We all understand that being an employer requires applying yourself for your obligations, but being an entrepreneur is an exclusive kettle of fish. The problems of management and management come to the fore. Leadership means mountaineering up the tallest Iroko tree with your binoculars and guiding the troop: having the fowl’s eye view and ensuring you’re all inside the proper jungle facing the right horizon. Leadership is approximately the vision and the general dreams. Management then again brings it down to day-to-day planning and activities. Konu, talking about his enjoyment, says: “In my role, because of the first son of my father, I ‘administer’ the agency. It’s a small identity, however, an extensive role because it begins from the minute eye of the tactics and structures you install vicinity (control) to the bigger image and the way you increase the organization (management) and the way you get to the target audience, and so on.

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So you begin with small things like ‘Do we’ve got enough pens?’ to the larger image like: ‘Where are we inside the scheme of things?’ that is what I do essentially. I don’t have any part in the technical dispensation or any engagements, not anything like that. Still, I do the program, plan, put in force, strategize, and am in contact with the top stage of our customers on an administrative basis.”

If you have listened to a few control specialists, then you ought to have heard, as a minimum considered, one of them speak approximately the attitude of a businessman vis a vis the perspective of a ‘professional’/worker.
Konu says this: “It is down to stereotypes. When you are an employee, your consciousness is executing your responsibilities, and the overall financial performance of the organization is, at great, a secondary subject. But when you begin your enterprise, and you are a commercial enterprise, the economic overall performance of the organization is your primary concern.”

Now, Konu is making it all sound too clean, sitting at the conference table of the open office with an easy smile. We had to ask about his private hurdles.

“Well, I wasn’t especially ready to address leadership and management challenges. I did not have any formal education for it. I did not do an MBA; I hadn’t studied enterprise formally or taken any business publications. However, I had usually had an acute interest in how things work. I assume that has to do with my architectural heritage. As an architect, you’re taught to design matters. How you design something determines how it’s going to work. The layout standards are now not most effective for merchandise, buildings, hairstyles, and style; they apply to processes, a way to gain a process. You must lay out a process to ensure you get the stop result. My project was now not formally organized due to my heritage, but I helped along.”

Going with the aid of this, is it safe to deduce that how a banker could run a boutique might be unique from how a car mechanic could run it? We will let you draw your conclusions on that; still, in facing the undertaking of restructuring and constructing Island Nominees Ltd, Konu did say: “Because of my background in design, I saw it as a ‘design’ trouble and no longer honestly a ‘control or leadership’ difficulty.

Three of every five marketers you meet might announce that their largest challenge is the country’s infrastructure or lack thereof. Clara Okoro, CEO of Brandworld and Publisher of Ice Mag, no longer batted an eyelid when she introduced her largest venture to “NEPA”. He brought this up with Konu and took all of it in his stride. However, how these infrastructural ‘failings’ affected the workers’ welfare and productivity became more distinguished in his mind. “The most important infrastructure hassle that affects businesses is a sparse strength after which the roads and traffic. It influences the social health of your personnel; if they get harassed each day coming in. If they cannot get to paintings effortlessly due to the fact there are challenges each day, it can be hard for them.”

Speaking of personnel, how do you build an appropriate group? Donald Trump says he typically hires people he already knows, like humans on the other aspect of a deal who had impressed him. In a recent interview, Femi Aderibigbe (aka Kwame), CEO of Nigezie and a judge in the ‘Project Fame’ truth and expertise hunt TV show, pointed out the “mindset” of the humans you need to paintings with is the most important task for him as an entrepreneur.

For his element, Konu said: “Getting the proper group of workers is an ongoing aspect. I deal with the mission all of the time. You may additionally have the right humans in 2010. However, your wishes,  times, and program may alternate via 2012, so you will want to modify your crew. The manner I address it, I might advise all and sundry to cope with it, is to craft the activity description first and then locate the humans that fit into the activity description and not the other way spherical. Some people create a position because they recognize this character has a few abilities: ‘Oh! Let’s use him for that.’

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That is not the manner to shape your business enterprise. You want to have your shape in the area first. Do you need a finance director, or do you want a bookkeeper? These are two special abilities. So, have your structure in the vicinity. Know precisely what it’s miles you need?

Have a concept of your process description, and they seek humans to fill that role. Try not to do it the other way around like all and sundry does because, typically, the individual has the ability ‘A’ that you are picking up on but does not have the commensurate skills. That is what I might say for personnel selection.”

Believe it or not, ‘range’ is a weighty aspect. It could make the distinction between achievement and failure. Konu agrees: “Also, I could say no matter how you begin, start small. You do not want to construct a company with over 1,000,000 employees overnight. If you test all thriving agencies, you will discover they all commenced small. Every employer starts offevolved with an idea, and those getting together. It did not start that way when it grew to over 10 million personnel overnight. These are the most crucial things. Define your activity descriptions and start small.”

In each populated town, the people get to spend hours in traffic. We work long hours, and we get domestic past due. Time control is already a primary problem with us, so how can we oversee a budding commercial enterprise at the facet’?

Well, here are Konu’s hints: “Time control challenges? Of course, I face it. I face it all the time. Now, I might tell you how I cope with my time management troubles for hTimes, who have a process and are starting up an enterprise at thTimede and are dealing with time management troubles.

I use Outlook (MS Word Outlook). I come in and agenda all the jobs I should do after being desk-certain in the office. Then I get on with it. Outlook enables me to order my day. It is the cutting-edge day filer-fax. I additionally have a completely sophisticated technique for recording my time usage. I log my hours on each project and ascribe prices to them. At the end of the month, I see how much time I have paid and what kind of it has valued me. And if the patron is not it and I have spent an excessive amount of time, then I have a purple alert: I am spending too much time on this; Time isn’t always paying.

That applies to anyone within the combine. We collate that annually and convey a document that suggests the wasted time and the monetary impact of that wasted time. Also, there is idle time. ComTimeto the workplace and doing nothing is idTimeime. The reality that time is right here does not mean you are efficient. I have a complicated device that I have evolved over the years. But I don’t anticipate novices to start like that. However, I do expect you to order your day. I constantly coach my personnel that the primary component you do in the morning after you have communicated with your maker, if you desire, to draw up your to-do list. You cannot beat it. You can do it manually, scribble it down, or do it electronically.

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