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The satisfactory free blogging website of 2018


1. WordPress

2. Blogger

three. Wix

four. Weebly

5. Penzu

Read on for our designated analysis of every carrier

Free-running blog websites have come to a protracted manner in recent years, and it’s now simpler than ever to create a professional-searching blog to share an interest with like-minded people, explicit your critiques, and set up an internet presence.

These free blogging websites are geared toward hobbyist bloggers – blogs are created and managed online and hosted on the running of a blog platform’s servers. Suppose you want to create a self-hosted weblog. In that case, the downloadable version of WordPress is a first-rate option, with total flexibility, the guide for 0.33-birthday celebration plugins, and as much storage as your web hosting plan allows.

If you want to create a static internet site in preference to an internet journal, test our manual to the great loose website developers.

You can host a WordPress weblog yourself or create one online and feature it hosted at wordpress.Com

You can host a WordPress weblog yourself or create one online and have it hosted at wordpress.Com
1. WordPress
Advanced features, plugins, and a generous storage allowance

Powerful customization options useful analyticsActive aid network
Powerful and fairly customizable, WordPress is an extremely good platform for blogs of any length and bloggers of any level of enjoyment.

Creating your first weblog could be very honest, with a simple wizard that courses you through choosing a call and suitable subject matter. You can depart it there and start writing posts at once, but the actual laugh lies in the superior editor, which helps you customize virtually every factor of your blog’s appearance.

Unlike a few blogging sites, WordPress isn’t a drag-and-drop affair, and you’ll get yourself up to speed with its device of menus. It’s well worth the attempt, even though it enables you to create something private. For instance, the editor also helps you create static pages – like a creator’s biography.


The post-writing interface is just like an ordinary computing device word processor (though some alternatives are provided in a toolbar at the top, even as others are in a menu at the aspect, which can be perplexing at the start). Again, time spent studying the interface is rewarded with advanced capabilities like customizable social media sharing buttons, geotagging, and selecting a custom style for men’s or women’s posts.

Sometimes, you might want to create a photo gallery, for instance, and at different times, a greater text-focused style would be more appropriate. You also can view and edit the HTML source.

WordPress helps you track its stats as your blog grows, including page views, traffic, likes, and comments. You can also see how readers reach your website, which content material they regard, and where they are within the world so that you can tailor your content material.

Your website online is hosted on WordPress servers, with a deal within the format yoursite.Wordpress.Com. Users of the unfastened service don’t get the email or stay chat assistance. Still, the WordPress network boards are very active, and questions are usually answered within a few minutes.

WordPress presentations advertisements on unfastened blogs, but provided you may live with that, it’s certainly an exceptional loss running a blog website around.

Try it online: WordPress.

Blogger has been around for many years but has stored up with modern-day developments and eras, consisting of responsive weblog templates.

Bloggers have been around for many years; however, they have stored up with modern-day traits and eras, including responsiveness.

2. Blogger
Boasts cell-friendly features and Google app integration

Very reachable for the newbiesImpressive choice of templates, not as effective as WordPress
Blogger is any other incredible running a blog platform. It’s not as powerful as WordPress, but it is greater on hand for new customers, which comes as no marvel when you learn that iGoogle owns it

Blogger gives a fantastic choice of templates, all of which encompass mobile versions optimized for smaller displays – a practical addition to many humans having access to online content through smartphones.

Blogger’s submit-enhancing tool, like WordPress, offers fewer options. As a result, its toolbars are much less complicated – a trade-off between power and value.

One of Blogger’s first-rate capabilities is integrating with other Google apps and services. For example, it uses your Google Drive account to store photos and other files in your weblog. Google Drive offers you 15GB of an area free, so Blogger is a great preference if you plan to proportion a variety of excessive-res snapshots.

Spam feedback is a big hassle on blogs, so Blogger’s computerized unsolicited mail filter can assist in storing your sanity. You can display remarks via Blogger’s dashboard, which lets you see traveler stats. There are a few available visualizations here, including an international map to expose the worldwide distribution of your readers.

Your weblog may cope with the format yoursite.Blogger.Com and, like every Google offering, will encompass commercials. Support is available via the Blogger consumer forum, which is very active; however, it has a strange format that may be a bit off-putting.

In all other respects, Blogger is amazing – one of the first-class free blogging websites if you prioritize ease of use over flexibility and are keen on the Google environment.

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